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Matteo Guidicelli talks about Sarah Geronimo; confirms argument with his parents

Sarah Geronimo, Matteo Guidicelli
Jay Are Reyes

In an interview with the local entertainment media, Matteo Guidicelli, one of the busiest actors in the country, aired his opinion on Sarah Geronimo's new look, he described his princess as a very beautiful and hot when asked by the local media yesterday, March 11, 2014.

"Sarah never looked as beautiful as today. She's very beautiful with her short hair. She looks good and I'm proud of her. She looks hot. She's very beautiful," Guidicelli said.

After hearing his statement, popsters took to their social media accounts and expressed their feelings regarding the hunk actor's latest revelation, according to them, Matteo and Sarah are still in a relationship contrary to some observers claim that they are now separated due to Mommy Divine Geronimo's interference.

And speaking of Mommy Divine, the entertainment media asked Matteo's opinion on rumored interference, but instead of commenting on the issue, he refused to say anything about his future mother-in-law, his only reply was "I don't know."

The hunk actor was also asked if it was right to question the decision of the parents and stand up for what she believes in. The Galema star confirmed that sometimes, he is arguing with his parents, but he added that he is thankful to them because they are always guiding and supporting him despite their argument.

"I believe that our parents are the foundation of who we are. We learn from them, I think 80 percent were from our parents, they teach us what's right and wrong, the values. But I think when you're at the age of 18 or 21 when you have to be yourself, it’s up to you to make your own decisions in life," he said.

"You’re parents taught you to trust the right person and they taught what’s right for you. My parents trust me that when I go out in the outside world, I’ll make decisions. If I fall I’ll stand up and learn from it. It’s one thing I learned from them, when you fall, you stand up stronger," Matteo ended.

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