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Matteo Guidicelli: 'Sarah Geronimo wants to be an independent woman'

Sarah Geronimo,Matteo Guidicelli
Sarah Geronimo,Matteo Guidicelli

Despite the pop princess’ admission that she is happy these days, hunk actor Matteo Guidicelli is still keeping his silence regarding the issue. In an interview with reporters this morning, June 16, 2014, the former Galema star almost denied that he is one of the reasons why the precious daughter of Divine Geronimo is blooming. “I don’t think it’s because of me, I think it’s her,” Matteo told reporters when asked about the issue.

Matteo added that Sarah deserves all the credit, according to him, his girlfriend is 25 years old and she has just wanted to be an independent woman now, but he confirmed that it is all up to Sarah. After reading his comment, popsters rejoiced and said Sarah Geronimo is right when she said that she is proud of Matteo.

As you all know, Sarah has almost confirmed her relationship with the hunk actor when cornered by reporters over the weekend, according to her, she is happy and proud of what she and Matteo have right now. Popsters got wild when they heard her statement on TV Patrol; they also congratulated her for her honesty.

According to the devoted fans of Sarah Geronimo, this is the right time for her to enjoy life and face the reality that someday, she will leave her parents to make her own family. Popsters believe that she has already found the right man for her after two failed relationships in the past.

If you are a fan or just an observer, you will notice that the pop princess was looking for some possible answers to all her questions in the past especially when her relationship with Gerald Anderson ended in a very controversial way. Right now, Sarah is a picture of a matured and complete woman which according to some people is because of her inspiration, the man of the hour, Matteo Guidicelli.