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Matteo Guidicelli reveals reasons why he is very careful and scared

Sarah Geronimo, Matteo Guidicelli
Sarah Geronimo, Matteo Guidicelli

Matteo Guidicelli is doing everything to protect his romantic relationship with pop star Sarah Geronimo. Based on the latest report of this evening, Aug. 19, 2014 (Manila time) or this morning Aug. 19, 2014 (U.S. time) the actor-athlete who is also attending the premier of “Somebody To Love” this evening (Manila time) is very careful and scared at the same time to be misinterpreted.

According to Matteo, the lucky guy after Gerald Anderson failed to continue his blossoming romance with the pop star, the reason why he doesn't want to speak a lot about his romantic relationship is because he just wants to protect everything about it. Several weeks ago, Matteo received negative comments from the netizens who are supporting his girlfriend’s career and love life.

The netizens revealed that he is just using Sarah Geronimo to promote himself in the industry, but according to him, said issue is not included in his itineraries when he was just started courting the pop princess and certified box office queen. Incidentally, his photo with the pop star taken in Bonifacio High Street is making the rounds online this morning. Based on the latest report, they were about to go down the escalator when a fan took a photo. A report confirmed that they went out for a movie date without the pop star’s assistants and bodyguards.

As you all know, Sarah is still not allowed to go out with her boyfriend without the permission of her mom and dad, Divine and Delfin, but like what the photo is showing off, she had a movie date with her prince. What is next for the couple after watching a movie without a chaperone? For some observers, if the rumor is really true that they have permitted the couple to go out, Divine and Delfin are doing the right thing because their daughter is not getting any younger.