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Matt Smith sends video message to 4-year-old fan with brain tumor

Matt Smith, formerly known as the Eleventh Doctor in the popular British television series, Doctor Who, made a four-year-old fan, Jack Robinson's wish come true when he made a personalized video for him.

Matt Smith's tenure as The Doctor over, his heart of gold still shines through his personality in the kindhearted video he sent to young Jack Robinson.
The Sun (UK)

Portsmouth News in the UK reported that Jack has an inoperable brain tumor, and following his diagnosis, his family has been doing whatever they can to see his last days are the best.

Jack is a huge fan of the Doctor Who series, and Matt Smith being the latest incarnation (not counting Peter Capaldi who made a brief appearance as the 12th Doctor in "The Time Of The Doctor" last Christmas and will take his place when Series Eight begins), made the video after hearing about the child's condition.

English singer-songwriter Gary Barlow alerted Jack's father, Terry Robinson, about the video, and managed to get it to his son.

[Jack's] eyes just lit up, and he was so delighted," Robinson said. "It has made his day."

In the video, Matt Smith proclaims he believes Jack is the biggest fan of Doctor Who, and apologizes that he couldn't be in England personally to say hello. This, after singing his own version of the series' theme song, normally played on an etherphone.

The actor also promised to sit down with Jack and talk about the show, as well as send him some things when he is finally able to return from Texas.

Smith is slated to appear in How To Catch A Monster, written and directed by Ryan Gosling, as Bully. He's best known for his TV role as the 11th Doctor since 2010, but has also appeared in theater, most notably, as Patrick Bateman in American Psycho, which began in Almeida Theatre in the London Borough of Islington last year.

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