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Matt Nasi rises and shines at The Daily Grind Café

PUEBLO, Colo.—Matt Nasi performed a two hour recital at The Daily Grind Café, on March 8. During his performance—he provided vocals, strummed his guitar, struck the cajón with a kick drum pedal with his right foot and tapped the tambourine with his left.

Matt Nasi rises and shines at The Daily Grind Café.
Sareth Ney
Matt Nasi rises and shines at The Daily Grind Café
Sareth Ney

Prior to beginning Nasi’s concert with “Anticipation”, he spoke with his fiancé. While he played, he incorporated all three instruments and provided the vocals. After the song came to a conclusion, he tuned his guitar and thanked the crowd. Then, he apologized to those who came to the venue to read. He stated he currently resided in Denver and was going to mix original songs with covers.

Before Nasi covered Tears For Fears’ “Everybody Wants to Rule the World”—he mentioned he took a trip to his old high school, Centennial High School, and compared the janitors to the SWAT team. With the rush, he cited it was fun and frightening at the same time. Upon completion of covering the song, he admitted his love for 80s movies and most of his covers would be from their soundtracks.

“Mountain Air”, Bill Withers’ “Use Me Up”, “Borrowed Steps”, “Mumbles”, “Unsafe and Sound”, “Salisbury Hill”, “Stroker”, “Get Found” and were also part of Matt Nasi’s first set.

After taking a break to talk with friends and fans, Nasi pretended he was coming back from a commercial break. He provided several microphone checks and stated he drew inspiration from Dick Van Dyke from his “Mary Poppins” role. Shortly after, he sang “Just Desserts”.

Nasi reminisced about his first job, prior to covering The Beatles’ “Blackbird”. He spoke of the time when he served breadsticks at Fazoli’s, how he was the number one employee and how he was surprised of all the businesses on U.S. Highway 50—it was still there. After the performance, he was taught there were two ways of playing the song and joked his version was not the correct way.

“Measure” brought an end to Nasi’s concert. He mentioned after wrapping up his performance—he would be available to chat with everyone, near his merchandise table. He thanked the crowd for sticking around, thanked the venue, wished everyone a wonderful weekend, introduced the last song and recited it.

Amy Winehouse’s “Valerie”, “Vetting”, “Curtains”, Go West’s “King of Wishful Thinking”, “Impact”, “Just Be”, Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition” and “Keystroke” were also part of Matt Nasi’s second set.