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Matt Mead and gun rights, similarities to John McCain and Dave Freudenthal

CHEYENNE -- Sen. John McCain says he is a supporter of the second amendment and proudly wears his endorsement by the NRA, even though he clearly joined gun grabber and Brady poster boy Mayor Bloomberg. You see, McCain was involved in a multi-state campaign against gun shows in an attempt to pass legislation he couldn’t get passed in his own state of Arizona.

Sadly and similarly Mead advertised he was a lifetime NRA member and gun collector and when questioned about fighting on the side of the feds in “BATF vs. Wyoming”, Mead shrugged it off as questionable information by “some blogger that refused to speak with him”. The truth is this is the first documented lie in his campaign.

As the Director of Wyoming Gun Owners I spoke with him not just once but two times. And so you know, Mead told me “he was just doing his job”. Certainly Mead wanted this withheld from the campaign trail and said anything but the truth to cover it up, so much for “integrity”.

When it comes to spending, Senator John McCain has out spent his rival spending more than $20 Million, that’s six times more than his opponent.

Again, similarly here in Wyoming Matt Mead spent a record amount of his money, a whopping 81% (that’s about $900,000) of his reported campaign finance came out of his own pocket. How do you spell D.C. style politics?

There are other similarities between Mead and McCain including statements that are designed to communicate to a more conservative base, even though past history reveals they were personally committed to a more liberal base.

Although widely unreported this moderate stance of Matt Mead is even more evident in how he was elected to office. There was an estimated “switch-voting” of up to nine thousand votes. In case you don’t know what this is, it is where Democrats changed their party affiliation at the polls so they could vote for the most liberal Republican candidate, in this case Matt Mead was the beneficiary. A Liberal state employee blogger mentions it here in - At the polls, Democrats are switching over in large numbers.

Another fact, the newspaper that endorsed Barack Obama went out of their way to stump for Matt Mead and after the elections many Democrat voters echoed the Casper Star Tribune endorsement saying, Mead would be most like Freudenthal.

Did I mention Obama-Care is now even closer?

I’m going to end with this, if the people of Wyoming want so much to keep Freudenthal and his policy of licking the boots of the federal government, why didn’t they suggest removing his term limits? I’m just saying….

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  • Profile picture of Guy McPherson
    Guy McPherson 4 years ago

    Bob Dylan said it best! I think the whole ********n country has drove over a cliff.

  • Daniel Clyde Cummings 4 years ago

    So Matt Mead was "just doing [his] job" as a federal attorney. That was the Nazis' defense at Nuremburg, "just doing [their] jobs." If he was really so much in favor of the Second Amendment, he should have quit that job; he could probably have survived a resignation. Many freedom fighters have made greater sacrifices than that. Go ask Joseph Warren and Nathan Hale.

  • Patrick Sperry 4 years ago

    Just what Wyoming needs, a McCain clone...

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    If you continually pick apart the Republican candidate, you WILL elect a Democrat again... How convenient of you to leave out the fact that Matt received an A rating from the NRA, which is the highest score a candidate that has never been elected can receive.

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