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Matt Lauer’s Team USA spandex best look for NBC host? Luge track run hilarious

Matt Lauer's Spandex look reminds us all of his Halloween costume
Matt Lauer's Spandex look reminds us all of his Halloween costume
NBC Olympics/Twitter

Matt Lauer is keeping America on their toes by showcasing some of the popular sports seen at the Sochi Olympics. The luge track is quite intriguing as athletes hurl down a course at record speed. The Today show anchor along with his pal, Al Roker were up for the challenge and took the ride that luge athletes make at the Olympics. According to USA Today, the two talk show hosts were screaming the whole ride.

Frankly, this whole incident looks like another way for Matt Lauer to show off his fabulous figure. It’s only been a few months since the viewers of the Today show saw it last. Remember? It was on Halloween when the host dressed up in a tight swimsuit and headed down the makeshift beach in front of Rockefeller Center as Pamela Anderson.

In Sochi, the spandex clung to the host and since the man was on a course test run, there were cameras everywhere. Every angle could be seen as the two were speeding down the track at a good rate of speed.

Was it worth the look? Absolutely! Not every host in America can show off the tight fitting Team USA spandex and reveal it to the world in confidence. Plus the track ride was funny too. After that look at Halloween, fans of Matt Lauer thought it would be difficult to top it, but apparently not!