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Matt Joyce: Rays' slugger hits ball back into pitching machine, fires it again

Matt Joyce did the impossible during batting practice.
Matt Joyce did the impossible during batting practice.

There are feats in sports that can be looked at as heroic, courageous, amazing, strange, unique, and even impossible. That last one, impossible, would be the best way to describe exactly what happened to Matt Joyce of the Tampa Bay Rays. As shown by ESPN on June 19, 2014, Joyce somehow was able to hit a practice pitch back into the pitching machine and have it fire at him again.

During batting practice on Thursday evening, Joyce was out on the diamond and hitting some balls off of the pitching machine. Seems like a common and ordinary day for a Major League Baseball player.

Joyce is an outfielder and designated hitter for the Rays and he was doing his usual and normal batting practice routine, but he ended up doing something completely unintentional and almost impossible.

As the pitching machine fired one at Joyce, he popped the pitch up into the air and off of the protective netting over the batter's box. The ball somehow bounced off the cage and landed perfectly back into the pitching machine.

At that point, the machine fired the baseball back at Joyce again for a perfect strike.

The video shows it is obvious Matt Joyce had no idea what had happened or even where his original hit even went. As the machine fires the ball again, he is taken by surprise and jumps back by the random pitch.

His coaches behind home plate were shocked as well, and that's evident by their expressions after the second pitch hit the backstop. It's a good thing this was caught on camera because it isn't something that is likely to ever be repeated.

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