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Matt Jones lead singer for The Treatment on touring with Kiss and Motley Crue

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Hot on the heels of their first U.S. tour with Kiss and Motley Crue I had a chance to chat with Matt Jones, lead singer for U.K. band The Treatment. With exactly one album under their belts, their debut "This Might Hurt," released in July, 2012, and with band member ages of 19 and 20, The Treatment is proving to be one of the U.K's hottest metal exports in at least a decade.

With the support of Motley Crue and Kiss, as well as veteran rockers like Alice Cooper, it's obvious that these five lads from Cambridge must have something special going on. One listen to "This Might Hurt" and it's easy to understand why they've been so widely embraced, they have a sound that incorporates the best of the arena rock bands of the '70s as well as the melodic, driving rhythms of classic glam bands like Slade and Motley Crue.

Watch The Treatment - The Doctor (Music video)

Another reason for The Treatment's swift ascent is a mature-beyond-their-years attitude towards the music business and the work ethic necessary to earn a spot playing amongst veterans like Kiss and Motley Crue. They also have a deep respect for those who came before them and take advice to heart. The Treatment's manager, drummer Dhani's father, is Laurie Mansfield who has a long and respected history in UK metal as the guitarist for the bands Airrace and Roadstar, amongst others, and the band has put their full faith in his wisdom and guidance.

The Treatment have also released an E.P. of lesser known cover songs from some of the bands that have influenced them and it proves as well the level of maturity and foresight that is working within this young band. They wanted to create an E.P. to introduce their fans to some of the earlier bands whose work has oftentimes been overlooked by mainstream music media. Their intention is to encourage fans to go back and have a listen to these earlier works.

Watch the interview video: Interview with THE TREATMENT Lead Singer MATT JONES

Hi, This is Tricia from Interviews from the Edge and I'm talking to Matt, from The Treatment. How are you doing today Matt?

I'm doing good, how are you?

I'm doing pretty good. I missed you guys when you came through with Motley Crue and Kiss and I just want to apologize to you now. I'm sure you missed me.

That's okay.

I wanted to talk to you a little bit about the new album.


Is this your first album?

Yes. This is our debut album (This Might Hurt), yeah. It came out a couple of weeks before we came over, so in the States it's only been out for a couple of months now.

It's really kind of crazy that you put out your debut album--and you're on a tour with frickin' Kiss and Motley Crue.

It's weird when we look back. It feels like it's literally gone so quickly that when you start thinking of all the places we've been to, you kind of go, "Ah no, that actually feels like months ago now." So it's kind of a weird thing. But you know, we've had the best time of our lives on this tour. We've had a really, really good time.

So, everybody has treated you well?

Yeah, really, really well. All of the crew, all of Motley Crue themselves, Kiss. They've been really, really kind to us. Yeah, the whole tour has been absolutely fantastic.

How did you fall into this tour?

It was actually kind of a funny situation... It was Nikki Sixx really, he was kind of tweeting about us and sharing our video around and telling everyone to check us out. And then we were coming back from a gig, back home in England, and a friend of ours texted us saying, "Have you checked Nikki Sixx's Twitter recently?" And we were like, "Well, no." So we got it off one of our phones and there it was... he was saying, "Welcome The Treatment to the tour. Welcome them with open arms and give them a good reception."

So we were like... What the hell, you know? So then our manager, whose Dhan's dad, our drummer, he's been in the business a long, long time, kind of got onto it and arranged it all and here we are... it's crazy.

It is crazy, but you know what? That is so cool. Nikki Sixx, Motley Crue, Kiss... are from a different generation of "rock star."

We've met people like Alice Cooper, you know, he started all this stuff--the whole "shock rock" kind of thing. And he's the nicest guy you'll ever meet, and so down-to-earth. And he'll literally sit there and talk to you like you've been friends for years. So, we've met a few people.

And these guys are just the same, you can literally go up and talk to them. And Gene Simmons has come over to us in his full stage gear and talked about British TV programs and stuff like that. They're all really, really cool guys and really, really nice and treated us fantastically. You'd never guess that they were rock stars cause they're normal guys really, at the end of it all.

Yeah, but you gotta kinda be in awe. I can't imagine they walk into the room and you just go, "Oh yeah, it's them." (laughing) They still have that aura.

Oh yeah. The first time that we met them we were kind of Gobsmacked. Myself, I grew up literally with a poster of Motley Crue and Kiss right next to each other on my wall. So meeting them for the first time was a bit surreal, but once you've met them a couple of times and you realize that they're cool and nice, you just kind of get used to it.

What's cool about them being "rock stars" is that there are so few "rock stars." I'm sure it's gonna change how you want to present yourself and performance, because they're cool. They're just friggin' cool.

Oh yeah. On this tour we've definitely tried to step up our game. They've got pyro and lots of lights, so for us to contend with these bands we have to go out there and put on ten times the show that we're normally putting on. We've gone out there every night and tried to step up our game, and make the show more interesting and exciting.

That's one thing that this tour has definitely taught us is we have to go out there every night and put on the best show that you can because every night is different, you know?

Yeah. I told you I wanted to talk to you about the new record. It is such a great record.

Thank you.

You're welcome sweetie. You deserve it. As a matter of fact, I was talking to somebody in another interview and you came up. He was saying that he thought you guys were really cool and I was like, "They are the updated, new generation for that style of music."

And I think with this album, you can really hear that. It's got all those elements that made me first fall in love with metal.

It's the same for us. I mean, we've all grown up listening to bands like AC/DC, Judas Priest, and indeed, Kiss and Motley Crue. So when we started making music together it was just the instinctive thing for us to do was to make music that probably sounded like music from the '70s or '80s, because that's what we've all listened to our whole lives. So that's probably why we sound the way we do.

Again, like you said, that's a good thing because we want more young bands to be playing this stuff. Because it's good music and hopefully people will recognize that.

We go through these weird phases where one minute it's all emo and depressing music and the next minute it's all angry music, you know? And you've got Disturbed and Godsmack. It's nice... It's a nice break to go out and just frickin' have fun.

We kind of approach it as, we want to have a good time and make people enjoy themselves. That's what we're all about, going out there and having fun, and hopefully people will recognize that we're having fun and want to come along for the ride. That's what we're all about anyway.

You know, we work hard at what we do. We don't drink. We don't take drugs. We keep ourselves completely straight. At the end of the tour we'll have a big party of course, but when we're working we're there to work.

The music business has changed now. The days of being able to go out and get drunk or get stoned and be able to get away with it aren't around anymore because the business has gotten so much smaller. If you offend the wrong person by saying something stupid when you're drunk you won't be able to get on the good shows.

We've got a real work ethic. We've had it from day one and it will be the same until the day we stop. I think that's why we've maybe got a little bit ahead of some other bands.

The bands that are on the covers E.P we've all listened to growing up. We wanted to choose songs as well that people may not necessarily know from our age group. Bands like ELO and Jo Jo Gunne and Chris Spedding and stuff that we've heard and we know that a lot of people that are our age might not have heard. So, we wanted to kind of put songs out there that people can go, 'Okay, that's a cover, lets go and listen to the Electric Light Orchestra. Lets go listen to Chris Spedding.'

They've been completely overlooked as well, I mean everyone thinks of Slade for their Christmas song, when really there's so many other songs that are good. People shouldn't just judge them on one song, they should go out and listen to them properly.

For more on The Treatment visit: Follow on Twitter: @TheTreatmentUK

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Article Author: Tricia Weight Originally published:The Treatment Lead Singer Matt Jones Discusses Touring with Kiss and Motley Crue


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