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Matt Durham: 10k bond in federal case regarding Kenyan orphanage sex questions

Matt Durham leaves courthouse with family
Matt Durham leaves courthouse with family

Preliminary actions continue in Downtown Oklahoma City, Oklahoma in the Federal Courthouse late this afternoon. This regarding the 19 year old Edmond, Oklahoma resident Matt Durham who has been accused and allegedly confessed under duress to allegations of molestation of a number of young people at an orphanage in Kenya where he was visiting on multiple occasions in the last 3 years.

Oklahoma City news station, KOCO, first reported that there have been additional disclosures in court from federal prosecutors about this case, citing that there is evidence of health changes in some victims, coinciding with issues of questions of these accusations provided by Kenyan authorities and the FBI.

Also, apparently there are questions of at least one other person who is stateside as a possible victim, so there has been a good bit of new data shared today by Federal prosecutors.!bvNPK0

Reporters from every major television in Oklahoma City were present about 2 hours prior to the finalized reports for the case, waiting in the summer heat with cameras poised. They had been notified someone in the courtroom experiencing a medical compromise. An ambulance had been called and escorted Matt Durhams's Youth Pastor, after providing supportive testimony for Durham all from the East end of the building. All streets around the building are under some version of construction so no traffic is active.

Within about 15 minutes, the front doors of the courthouse were opening releasing people in clusters. Some came out and immediately used their phones. Others stopped and hugged regarding the 10K release.

Worldwide, there are issues regarding the lack of uniformity in reporting sexualized assault of any person, and what makes a report justifiable and accurate, and allowing justice for both the victim and the accused is a struggle due to this.

Stephen Jones, the attorney for Matt Durham, has also had some prior top roles in dealing with issues related to Richard Nixon, as well as being the defense attorney for the Oklahoma City Murrah Federal Building Bomber, Timothy McVeigh.

Jones has been cited in local news reports as saying his client was subjected to "a cult" in Africa. Jones presented himself to the media with Panama hat in hand today, citing the decision to allow Matt Durham out on a bond, and that he has to wear an electronic monitor, cannot use any electronic media and must stay at home with his father.

Matthew Durham has reportedly told the Judge "I did not hurt any children".

Worldwide, there are issues regarding the lack of uniformity in reporting sexualized assault of any person and this has been studied in the US by the United States Department of Justice as well as the United States Deparment of Juvenile Justice and Prevention. This causes problems for the victim, witness, accused and responding systems.

Clarity through hierarchical (scales that document what issues of contact or comment are alleged in a list) in order of severity towards a carnal knowledge, as well as narrative ( general questions of what happened guided by topical questions allowing a victim to share) assessments work best in the hands of an experienced interviewer per groups like NOW as stated in USDOJ reports from studies on understanding rape and sexualized assault interactions.

American best practices for child assessments of sexual assault issues work best in play therapy settings over a period of time but must be filmed and under the care of an experienced, licensed clinician for best results of interpretation, per the National Children's Alliance. All question in this allegation series seem to involve children under the age of 10, and multiple alleged victims are indicated. So current Federal prosecutor disclosures include verbal reports and some kind of corroborated medical exams that match sexualized contact allegations.

American standards nationally for sexualized assaults are under scrutiny, hyperfocused with the issue of college rape. This case, however involving Matt Durham, involves himself as a college student and child victims allegations not same age peers. And all actions, excluding this Downs Syndrome male, are off American soil.

This case is about Kenyan children, in a Kenyan village. Reportedly, American FBI agents discovering corroborating something to what the Kenyan children and adults documenting their disclosures have said.

US Federal Prosecutors, reportedly were unhappy with the option the Judge gave for a $10,000 bond and appealed immediately. Additional proceedings will happen in the near future in Downtown Oklahoma City. Matt Durham left the courthouse last, with his siblings and parents followed by news media to their vehicle.

Other court interactions are expected in the near future, which will determine if Matt will be extradited to Kenya, as the Kenyans have asked.

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