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Matt Drudge ignores Romney's tip not to make Hillary a Bill Clinton sex victim

Matt Drudge, news aggregate guru
Photo by Evan Agostini/Getty Images

Over on The Drudge Report, a pair of headlines popped up on Wednesday, Feb.19, 2014, that directly ties Hillary with former president Bill Clinton's "bimbo" scandals. By running headlines which follow to a report placing Hillary's reputation on line with her husband's, Matt Drudge appears to be flouting Mitt Romney's recent advice to conservatives not taint Hillary's political future with Bill Clinton's sexual history.

The two Drudge Report headlines were:

The first link is to an opinion by Byron York regarding the debate about whether or not it is fair to make the sins of Bill Clinton synonymous with Hillary or whether it unfairly victimizes Hillary and her career for Bill's past sexual behavior. York believes, as Drudge apparently does, to report and question all of Hillary's actions, including her life as Bill Clinton's wife and First Lady is vital in order educate younger voters about who Hillary is.

York wrote," That's especially true because there will be millions of young voters in 2016 who know little about the Clinton White House. Americans who had not even been born when Bill Clinton first took the oath of office in 1993 will be eligible to vote two years from now. They need to know that Hillary Clinton has been more than Secretary of State."

York mentioned that Hillary Clinton had coined the term "vast right-wing conspiracy" to deflect attention away from the Bill Clinton, Monica Lewinsky, impeachment scandal towards independent counsel Kenneth Starr and aggressive anti-Clinton groups.

Byron quoted the infamous statement Hillary made on "The Today Show," in 1998.

The great story here, for anybody willing to find it and write about it and explain it, is this vast right-wing conspiracy that has been conspiring against my husband since the day he announced for president.

Following the Drudge Report link to the Willey story, it quickly becomes apparent that Willey remains bitter over her traumatic experience with the Clintons. Willey claims that after she went public accusing Bill Clinton of sexually assaulting her during a meeting with him in which she intended to explore whether she might be paid a salary for her volunteer position as his aide, Hillary orchestrated an investigation to take discredit her and take revenge. According to Willey, the Clinton damage control team even broke into her home and car in an effort to intimidate and silence her

Speaking to Megyn Kelly on Fox News, Willey explained it's a sham that Hillary may be running for president on women's issues because, "Hillary Clinton is the war on women ... she singlehandedly choreographed" the investigations on Willey and other women who revealed the sexual details of their bad experiences with Bill Clinton.

For weeks, Drudge has kept a running storyboard of links to one report following another of Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton running on the Drudge Report. Along with the Drudge Report links, Drudge has added tweet after tweet about both. Not all have drudged up Bill's past sexual affairs.

With one of the most recent "Hillary" headlines on the Drudge Report, Drudge included a candid photo of Hillary in which she appears ravaged by age, over a link asking if Hillary is too old to run for the presidency. The photo was so harsh that it prompted an article asking if Drudge is using the Drudge Report to persuade Hillary to quit, before she runs and wins.

Drudge followed up his haggish Hillary photo with a Hillary tweet on Sunday, "Did @GStephanopoulos really use the worlds "Hillary" and "old" in the same sentence on "This Week?" The punishment will be deferred." Arguably, this Drudge tweet is a warning that Hillary Clinton will go after her critics with a vengeance, when she wins.

Within the "Hillary Papers," a collection of documents originally released to the public by The Free Beacon, describes Hillary as "ruthless" and vengeful. In additions she is quoted musing,"no one else in the White House was tough enough or mean enough," to withstand the pain she and Bill were dealt while in office." She seems to boast that she and Bill have always been able to come out on top in a public opinion battle with their critics, as if wearing Teflon.

Though Hillary is described as "ruthless" in those papers, it's fair to wonder if the Hillary's fortress of pain control can withstand Matt Drudge's continued Drudge Report siege. Who ends up the toughest and meanest, the Clintons or Drudge, is a report that won't be written until Hillary runs and either wins or loses the presidency in 2016.

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