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Matt Drudge claims he "just paid the Obamacare penalty" (big fat lie)

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On March 21, 2014, serial liar Matt Drudge posted a message on Twitter claiming that he had paid a penalty for not signing up for Obamacare:

Just paid the Obamacare penalty for not 'getting covered'... I'M CALLING IT A LIBERTY TAX!

You will be shocked to learn that Drudge's claim is a big fat lie.

As countless websites have already pointed out, the penalty for not getting health insurance, or a viable exception, better known as the Individual Shared Responsibility Provision, states that an individual must have been uninsured for nine months out of the year.

In other words, Matt Drudge will not incur any penalty until 2015. Yet he expects his Twitter followers to believe he has already incurred the penalty even though the deadline for getting insured (March 31) has not even passed yet.

The White House has already responded to Drudge’s claim, also via Twitter:

Flat lie, no fee for previous year. Scary how much influence he once had. RT @DRUDGE: Just paid Obamacare penalty for not 'getting covered'

Breitbart and The Washington Times both came to Drudge's defense, insisting that he was actually paying a small business or self-employed tax as part of his quarterly 2014 estimated tax payments.

According to the H&R Block Tax Institute, there is no formal payment calculation yet in place by the IRS for the Individual Shared Responsibility Provision. Ergo, their defense of Drudge is also a big fat lie.

If conservatives ever expect to have an actual conversation about the Affordable Care Act, they need to learn how to tell the truth about it.



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