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Matt Damon talks 'Batman vs. Superman' news on MTV

In this video that MTV released yesterday, Feb. 5, Matt Damon talks about his best friend, Ben Affleck's role as Batman in the upcoming movie, "Batman vs. Superman".

Matt Damon talks 'Batman vs. Superman' news on MTV
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

In the video Matt Damon is asked if Ben Affleck had showed Matt Damon the Batman suit and he answered. "“I’ve seen a picture. I have seen a picture. It’s excellent".

Damon continues with discussing how long he has known Affleck and how he feels that he is making the right decision. Here is what he said, And I’ve talked to him about the storyline, and it’s great. Look, I’ve known him for thirty-something years. I’d be the first guy being like, ‘Buddy, what are you doing?’ But I think the movie is going to be great.”

Damon has been defending Affleck's choice to accept the role of Batman since the beginning. If you look at the top of this article, the video there shows what Damon said before the MTV interview here.

"Batman vs Superman" was set to come out in 2015, but the release date has been moved up to May 2016 and the internet will continue to cover ever little move that Warner Brothers makes in regards to this highly anticpated movie.

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