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Matt Damon takes ALS Ice Bucket Challenge to disgusting levels with toilet water

Matt Damon used one popular cause to promote another when he took the famous ALS Ice Bucket Challenge with toilet water to bring attention to The handsome actor lifted a large red plastic bucket of toilet water over his head and dumped it onto his entire body in the spirit of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge with a twist. Damon's creative take on the challenge was immortalized in a video that posted on YouTube on Aug. 25, 2014.

Matt Damon used a bucket of toilet water for the ALS challenge
Photo by Julien M. Hekimian/Getty Images

According to New York Daily News, Jimmy Kimmel and Matt Damon's BFF Ben Affleck challenged the 43-year-old actor to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. The Good Will Hunting star eventually accepted, simultaneously bringing attention to two charities at once with his disgusting take on the challenge. Damon said he will pay the fine for accepting the challenge late; he exceeded the 24-hour time limit set forth in the rules.

Damon actually used a cup to scoop water out of several toilets in his home and into the red plastic bucket. There's no doubt about it. That really was disgusting toilet water that he dumped over himself in the video. In the video, which showed him obtaining water from just one of the toilets that he actually used, Damon explained that the challenge posed two problems. There is a drought in California, where Damon lives, and he is the founder of So "dumping a clean bucket of water on [his] head seemed a little crazy."

According to, "An American taking a five-minute shower uses more water than the average person in a developing country slum uses for an entire day."

Matt Damon prefaced his modified ALS Ice Bucket Challenge by speaking about the lack of drinking water and adequate sanitation in the world, noting how many people lack access to either or both. "Keep in mind that the water in our toilets in the West is actually cleaner than the water than the water that most people in the developing world have access to," he said. "So as disgusting as this may seem, hopefully it will highlight the fact that this is a big problem and together we can do something about it."

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