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Matt Bomer married: Actor reveals he got married three years ago

Matt Bomer
Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Matt Bomer is admitting to his fans that he has already been married for three years and kept it a secret from them. On Tuesday, US Magazine shared the news that he actually tied the knot with Simon Halls three years ago. It was just two years ago that Matt came out as a gay man to his fans so he was already married when that happened. This actor from "White Collar" is a married man.

Simon and Matt have three children together. They have one boy that is 8 and also 6-year-old twins. They are doing great and are really happy together. For some reason, Matt didn't reveal any of this to anyone. He talked to Details magazine and was willing to share a lot of information about his love life that he has never shared before.

Matt Bomer is an amazing actor, but he likes to keep his personal life a secret. He has a verified Twitter account but doesn't actually tweet anything on it. It is great that he is now sharing news with his fans about his love life.

Back in 2012, he came out while accepting an award. Honestly his fans had no idea and were shocked to hear the news. A lot of people don't even realize that is gay to this day. H said, "I’d really especially like to thank my beautiful family: Simon, Kitt, Walker, Henry." He actually spoke out in Details magazine back in 2010 just simply saying that he was fulfilled in his persona life, but not admitting to any of this until 2012.

Fans of Matt Bomer are excited to hear the news that he has found love and is so happy in his personal life. Now that he is starting to speak out a little they are hoping to hear more from him. As Matt learns to open up, he will continue to let fans in on his personal life more and more.

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