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Matt Barber started Barbwire because 'we are at war' with Satan

Since Matt Barber started his new website, BarbWire, it has become most predominantly represented on this column, not by Barber himself, but by Gina Miller, a woman marred with severe mental instability and a habit of responding to literally everything by screaming her head off about Satanism.

Matt Barber

Now we see where she gets it. As a guest of fellow American Taliban conspiracy theorist Cliff Kincaid on his "American Survival" program, Barber was asked why he felt the need to open his new website.

Barber responded (yes, you guessed it), that it was needed in the war against Satan.

"We are going to take a firm position," said Barber. "We're not going to take even an inch step backward in this culture war. We recognize that we are at war here with the radical progressive left in the United States of America and so we are going to cut through all of their nonsense, all of their propaganda, the lies of the enemy; you know, as a Christian site, the enemy being the Prince of the Earth, Satan himself, that's what we're up against here. And this is very much spiritual warfare."

In reality, the "culture war" was lost long before Barber had even been born. Liberals and progressives have advanced equal rights for women, minorities and the LGBT community while Barber clings to legislation that expired in the 19th century.

It isn't Satan to which Matt Barber and his cohorts are going to war. It's reality.

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