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Matsuricon tops off summer 2014

Matsuricon 2014 in Columbus, Ohio.
Matsuricon 2014 in Columbus, Ohio.
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Matsuricon recently took place, the perfect top-off to the summer season for anime lovers, gamers, and pop culture enthusiasts alike. The Hyatt Regency in downtown Columbus provided the backdrop for the convention, which brought in over 4,500 attendees. Each year the convention grows more and more, and this year was no exception.

Lovers of Capcom’s Resident Evil series were happy to see Matthew Mercer, better known as the voice actor for Leon Kennedy on the guest list. He hosted a Q&A for fans as well as autograph sessions, taking plenty of time to greet all his fans – even getting a quick picture with a Resident Evil cosplay group before he had to run to another area.

Gamers were also not disappointed with the game room, which was abuzz with activity. There were plenty of arcade games to keep attendees moving, like Dance Dance Revolution and Japanese drum games. The console games were never left untouched as crowds gathered for a number of tournaments including Mario Kart, Mortal Kombat, Soul Calibur, Street Fighter, Left for Dead, Rock Band, Injustice, and more. Super Smash Bros. Melee took over the huge projection screen as each battle became more and more intense.

Artists flocked to the convention to show off their wares, and there was everything from prints, plushies, stickers, shirts and more for sale. The dealer’s room was no exception, carrying plenty of memorabilia from video games and anime. Swords, wigs, and costumes were also out for buyer’s consideration.

The cosplay at Matsuricon was quite impressive – characters from nearly any media imaginable were constantly roaming the halls. With Matthew Mercer as a guest, plenty of Resident Evil characters showed up, including a merchant who had many unusual objects for “sale” in his Iconic coat. Final Fantasy cosplayers also had a large gathering, and Game of Thrones characters were also in attendance. Lego fans were delighted to see life-sized characters from the recent Lego Movie walking the halls, and a few little sisters were spotted scouring the area for ADAM.

While not as large as many other conventions in Ohio, Matsuricon has truly been making a name for itself, and continues to grow each year, offering more to continue bringing attendees back. It was a successful weekend and a wonderful way to close the summer of 2014. Now con-goers can only ponder as to what lies in store for next summer!

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