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Matrix Reimprinting now offered at EFTU

EFT Universe students can rejoice that one of the most significant breakthroughs, in terms of EFT techniques, will now be offered as a specialty workshop. Matrix Reimprinting EFT is a technique that also utilizes the meridian system but unlike it's predecessor it gets to the core of any issue rapidly and effectively. Matrix Reimprinting EFT also combines cutting-edge technologies such as quantum physics, the heart energy field work of the HeartMath Institute, and the epigenetics work of Dr. Bruce Lipton.

Matrix Reimprinting EFT
Alina Frank EFT

In a Matrix Reimprinting session a practitioner guides a client to find a part of themselves that has broken off energetically during a trauma. By observing that part of themselves from the witness/observer point of view the client feels some sense of dissociation and peace throughout the process even when the memory is very traumatic. The observer then interacts with their younger self to come to some sort of resolution. The memory is changed and altered enough so that the younger fragmented self can integrate. This is very different from denying that it ever happened. If EFT is akin to watching a movie, then it can be said that Matrix Reimprinting EFT is akin to being part of a play.

Matrix Reimprinting was created by EFT Master Karl Dawson in the United Kingdom. It's protocols have now spread to the areas of assisting people throughout the world with issues as varied as addictions, trauma, physical illness, relationship issues, finances and peak performance.

There are approximately twenty Matrix Reimprinting trainers in the world. Karin Davidson, Rob Nelson and Alina Frank are the primary Matrix Reimprinting trainers in the United States. For this special collaboration between Matrix Reimprinting Ltd, and EFT Universe, Alina Frank is the only authorized trainer. There will be only two Matrix Reimprinting trainings a year being offered towards EFT Universe certification - one in April near Seattle and the other in New York City in November.

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