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Matisyahu spends Shabbat in paradise


Matisyahu coming to Hawaii for an Island-wide tour c/o BAMP

It's passé, already.  The biography of this pop-music icon usually starts with something standard, like: "At first, you think it's some kind of joke - until you hear this guy toast" or "Who is this Amish rapper??"  or "Matisyahu is Hebrew for "Matthew!"

Not here, not now.  Matisyahu IS.

Yes, the mainstream shrugged him off as some kind of oddity - an Orthodox Jew who can hold his own on old-school beat box - but Matisyahu has earned his keep.  At once belting out motivational melodies, then drifting down spirit-first into liquid soul searching, his styles are ever evolving.  No one trick pony here.  And his highly anticipated release "Light," proves it.

The 2009 release "Light" 

2005's "Youth," was only a slight musical departure from his previous indy works, a well polished aura of the live shows his dedicated fans hunger for.  Skeptics. true-believers, and those in the indy world who accused him of selling out, all watched in wonder as he rose to new heights - even earning the Grammy Nomination for best Reggae album. 

Light is different.  And you can see and hear it for yourself Thursday, February 25th at Honolulu's Pipeline Cafe.

Mingling different styles and techniques, Light is rich with sonic color and has an enormous energy.  From the in-yo-face thump and lyrical assault ala vocoder, "Smash Lies" oozes classic Matis, and the killer electronics do not detract - rather, enhance the ride.

At the other end of the energy spectrum is "Silence."  This gently pulsing trance opens with the Hebrew prayer "Yihyu l'ratzon..." sung with Ashkenazi pronunciation that evokes images of The Rebbe.  The lyricism pulls the ego apart at the seams and nestles it safely in the warmth of faith.

Somewhere in the middle is "One Day."  It's no fool-hardy leap into schmaltz; on the contrary, this modern power-ballad shimmers with sincerity, yet moves with an undeniable mainstream vibe.  So appealing and commercially viable, it's already been used to promote the Olympics

Bottom line, pick up "Light," then get your Matis-on at Pipeline Cafe.

B.A.M.P Project Presents MATISYAHU in Concert:

Thursday Feb 25 at Pipeline Cafe
Honolulu, Oahu
Show Time: 06:00 PM

Saturday Feb 27 at Kuhio Lounge
Kapaa, Kauai
Show Time: 06:00 PM

Sunday Feb 28 at Lahaina Civic Center
Lahaina, Maui
Show Time: 07:00 PM

Monday March 01 at Rockstarz
Kona, Hawaii
Show Time: 06:00 PM

More info: Tickets are on sale now at the venue box office' and available online at


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