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Matinee Launches Revolution in Sin City

Save 5% off your ticket with promo code JDOT
Save 5% off your ticket with promo code JDOT

Matinée is asking fans to “feel the revolution” this Memorial Day – the party revolution, that is. The festival that has become world famous for re-imagining the elaborate party experience with blazing pyrotechnics and production by Cirque du Soleil and Matinée Ibiza, returns to Las Vegas with the biggest dance festival of the summer. Taking place Friday, May 24th thru Monday, May 27th, MATINÉE LAS VEGAS FESTIVAL will play host to over 8,000 clubbers dancing to twenty of the world’s leading DJs at eight high-energy party events.

“In todays over technologized world, people want a real interactive experience,” explains Paul Nicholls, part of the production team behind Matinée North America. “We combine fantasy elements from concerts, theatrical stage shows, Hollywood films and even video games into one giant offline spectacle.”

“A Matinée party is all about awe and extravagance,” continues Matinée North America’s Patrick Crough. “We partner with the hottest and most cutting-edge acts from around the world. For this year’s MATINÉE LAS VEGAS FESTIVAL, we've teamed up with the Las Vegas production, Absinthe. We are integrating several of their amazing Cirque acts into our main events. It will be breathtaking.”

Matinée launched over fifteen years ago in Ibiza. Since then, it has evolved internationally with lavish events including CircuitFestival Barcelona. When party founders decided to expand the brand into North America, they asked Crough and Jake Resnicow to oversee and produce all parties in the USA and Canada.

Their first Matinée event was Pride in New York where they transformed Manhattan’s Governor’s Island into an extravagant dance arena, with explosive music and thrilling light shows. At sunset, a surprise fireworks display ignited the skyline.

They made their Las Vegas debut in 2011 with the first Matinée Las Vegas Festival. It included jaw-dropping spectacles, including one that involved synchronized swimmers performing in a glass pool of water set on fire. The evening capped with a surprise performance by pop singer Natasha Bedingfield.

“Matinée raises the bar on nightlife,” says Jake Resnicow. “Whether in the heart of Manhattan or on the beaches of Miami, a Matinée event is meant to take revelers out of body and beyond the confines of their imagination.”

“One reason we stay so cutting edge is we re-invest into the parties,” adds Crough. “As the numbers get bigger, so does the experience.”

Last year’s MATINÉE LAS VEGAS FESTIVAL was wildly successful. The main event at Rain Nightclub in the Palms Hotel featured Spanish dancers, fire displays and live acts by Cirque Du Soleil. The weekend’s big surprise was the large crowd of men that packed the Monday Pool Party. Says Nicholls, “It was a party we added at the last minute because pre-sales were so high. It ended up being a really great way to close the long weekend.”

They plan to pull out even more stops this Memorial Day. They have upgraded the main event to one of Vegas' hottest and most exclusive clubs, Vanity at Hard Rock. The dance floor is a massive 14,000 square-feet with an outdoor terrace and fire pits.

The weekend will feature eight events over four days and nights, including main events and after-hour parties at the city’s hottest clubs, as well as pool parties at the weekend’s host hotel, Rumor. Each party will feature original themes designed to take revelers on a weekend-long journey.

The DJ line-up includes some of the world’s most innovative icons in dance music, including Matinée Spain all-star DJs Taito Tikaro, Javier Medina and Flavio Zarza. Billboard #1 remixers/producers Hector Fonseca, Alyson Calagna, DJ Theresa, Ed Baily, Brazil's Rodolfo Bravat, and red-hot rising stars Nina Flowers, Justin Dawson, Ryan Kenney, Luis Perez, Derek Monteiro and Billy Lace will also headline.

Las Vegas is the perfect city to launch the party revolution, says Resnicow. “In Vegas, partiers can do what they want, when they want. There are very few restrictions and absolutely no last calls. Now, that’s a revolution.”
Weekend passes start at $99. The exclusive and luxurious Rumor Hotel (455 East Harmon Avenue, Las Vegas) is the host hotel for MATINÉE LAS VEGAS FESTIVAL. Suites start at $129/night. Rumor will also provide guests with complimentary shuttle service to all weekend events.

For a 5% discount on your matinee weekend passes use promo code JDOT at check out. You will also receive a gift bag at ticket pick up with this promo code.

For more information on MATINÉE LAS VEGAS FESTIVAL, visit


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