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Mathew Mound

Another mound that is located in Glendale in Cincinnati is known as the Mathew Mound located just off Oak Road near the village of Evendale. The mound is believed to have been built during the Woodland period that is believed to have been built by the members of the Adena and Hopewell peoples. For a long time this site was believed to be the burial site of a Native American known as "Opekasit". The mound stands at four and a half feet high with a diameter of slightly more than sixty feet. This mound has never been excavated so this is a good example of a mound from the Woodland period. Due to other excavations of mounds located around the Mathew mound, that the Mathew mound would contain evidence of funerary practices like grave goods and the remains of buried bodies. Since this mound has the potential of containing information pertaining to who resided here.

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