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Math Made Simple, Etc. (The Solution Center) gives educational hope

Y=mx +b is one of the most commonly know mathematical equation in the world. This is true but go and ask the average American child or inner city school graduate this question and one will be amazed that the No Child Left Behind Act has left and is leaving our young people behind. This happening Not only In the field of mathematics but our children are being left behind in all areas of liberal studies to be exact but nothing instrumental is being done to change this statistic. However, in Memphis, TN, a genuine initiative is being instituted by Mr. Cornelius Barnes, a math genius and founder of Math Made Simple (The Solution Center).

What an amazing program
What an amazing program
Coker George, Ksmilesphotograhpy (A compay of KKGEntertainment)
What an amazing program
Coker George, Ksmilesphotography(a company of KKGEntertainment)

A vision that started in a small classroom at the end of the Hall, on the second floor of Memphis Catholic High school, a mere tutoring initiative to further enhance his students mathematically, have now grown into an educational awakening. When one ask Mr. Barnes, why he started Math Made Simple (The Solution Center), his response is always the same; I just want to help and make a difference, it is not about the money. A program that is cost efficient, only 40$ a week for any student, which averages out to 5$ an hour, Mr. Barnes and his staff of instructors, are giving back to the community at large and the world, the true essence of who they are and exemplifying stewardship and service. With the vision to grow and expand, Mr. Barnes hopes to bring on new donors and philanthropist who share his passion and vision. Join the mission and the education revolution, making Math Made Simple (The Solution Center) a national and global initiative model program. Visit, Phone: (901)-382-3244