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Matenrou Opera set to perform at Anime USA

Matenrou Opera
Matenrou Opera
Matenrou Opera

Created in 2007, Matenrou Opera consists of vocalist Sono, drummer Yu, guitar Anzi, keyboard Ayame, and bass Yo. The band has been on the fast track to success since their first concert, during which their single, Alkaloid Showcase, sold out before the concert ended.

During March and April of 2008, Matenrou Opera toured Europe with the famous visual kei band, Versailles, the vocalist Kamijo popular from his previous group, Lareine. In 2009 Matenrou Opera went on a national tour of Japan with Deluhi. Most recently the band has been invited to play at the V-Rock Festival in Japan, where the top visual kei bands will be playing all day Sunday, October 23, 2011. They will be standing alongside major hitters like LM.C, Mix Speaker's, Inc., Versailles, SuG and other groups growing in fame, including BORN and DaizyStripper.

Matenrou Opera's appearance at Anime USA will be the band's first show in the United States and they will be playing alongside the new lineup of the band BLOOD, presented by Tainted Reality.

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