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Matching your Walk with your Talk

Heart Shell
Heart Shell
Photo taken by G Espinosa

I occasionally find myself online reading religious blogs and the comments following them. Most of them are helpful and uplifting and you’d expect their reader’s comments to somehow parallel them. Surprisingly, most of them did nothing but smash the content and criticize not only the author but the subject matter in general. Deep down, I was hurting. I nearly cried as I read about Christians being looked down upon, and blamed for so many of the worlds problems that weren’t even relative to the article at hand. But soon that hurt turned to anger.

Time after time, the same sort of reactions and mixture of comments both spiritually filled and spiritually condemning kept reappearing. My blood began to boil as I frequently read statements that “Christians” need to stop being so judgmental, that God doesn’t exist, and that they need to stop forcing their religious views on everyone else. What on earth was going on!?

I can’t say I was too disappointed when “Christian” readers from previous comments began to retaliate, defending the article and their opinions. I felt like I was right there on the sidelines cheering on the spiritual hate, hoping someone would throw out a good anecdote or one of Christ’s analogies to put these people in their place.

My first impulse was to start posting up some of my own hate. My fleshy side got the better of me and I was going to start dishing out verses and rebuking demons from my keyboard. What is a person who doesn’t believe in God doing reading articles on a RELIGIOUS blog in the first place?!?! Doesn’t this non-believer have something better to do with their time than surf the web trying to find ways to condemn others spiritual beliefs?

I was about two mouse clicks away from quoting John 8:7 and throwing that judgment right back in someone’s else face when conviction got to me. It would have felt pretty darn good to humble someone, then pretty awful to know my pride had gotten the best of me. As if I’m any better, or more righteous than anyone else.

Instead of seeing this as an opportunity to love on someone else and be an example of what Christ wants his followers to be, I let my own anger get a hold of me. How would I have been a good example if I all did was lash out? How would I have been any different from the judgmental “Christians” these visitors were talking about?

Needless to say, I didn’t post up any comments on the forum. I took a couple of days to step back and analyze what I was reading and how I can respond the next time I’m confronted with this situation. To remember to lead as an example, and practice what I preach. It’s easy to talk about strengthening our walk with God, and love our neighbor as we love ourselves. It’s another to properly execute it. 


  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    Their will always be generations and generations of dis believers. But their curiosity would always come to read every religion. And they will always lash out on every religion they would read. As a christian, you will always hear the opinions of people no matter what. Just to bring you down and lose your faith. Their will be some christians who would really fight what they believe in and of course you would want to support them in every way. And it is good you bring John 8:7 into it...but as Matthew 5:44 is to love them. No matter how much they lash on us. Love our enemies, bless those who curse us, do good unto them who hate you, and pray for those who despite and persecute you. God teaches us not to hate even though yea, emotions get the best of us, but that's what all unbelievers want. But all you can do and say your peace and pray for those who are lost. I say, that your growing in your faith. As long as you keep your faith, strength and believe in him.... anything can be possible.

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