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Match your nail color to your personality

What does your nail color say about you?
What does your nail color say about you?

Women are diverse when it comes to their nail polish routines. Some stick to only one color while others must have a new shade weekly. With the incredible surge in popularity of nail colors and styles, you might be wondering when this whole nail craze started.

Well, according to History of Cosmetics, “Even though examples of nail polish can be found in many ancient civilizations, it was the modern times when these cosmetic products reached its popularity. Empowered by the incredible advances of the industrial revolution and new abilities of modern chemist, nail polish emerged as one socially acceptable cosmetic product that was accepted by female population in the western hemisphere. Nail care was always important part of high fashion in modern times, but it was in late 17th century when first portraits with shiny nails started appearing. From that point on, nail care and accompanying cosmetic products started trickling down to the general population, becoming widely accepted during the Victorian age.” You can read more about the history of nail polish at History of Cosmetics website.

So, what does your nail color say about you? Beverly Davis, who used to sell custom nail polishes, offers her description of the personalities that match certain colors:

Clear – simple, basic, not fussy
Berry red – sophisticated, creative
Iridescent pink – calm, cool, collected
Black & burgundy – bold, daring, fashionable, fun

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