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Match your circle hook to the situation

The right hook can make for the best fishing, a good bite-to-hook ratio is a critical element. A hook is not just a hook. If you are lucky enough to see the fish take your bait or lure “hook set” is easy to detect. In times of the fish on you have to make quick decisions in a split second or two.

Match your circle hook to the situation

Feeling it, the strike can be difficult

When you are fishing you don’t always have the luxury of being able to see the fish and that is when it pays to have good instinctive fishing skills. That’s why so many anglers will miss he fish altogether or don’t even know there’s one down there. You have to be aware of the tap. Most fishermen will tell you that most fish will bite on the “free fall,” and attack from below. If anything feels out of the ordinary it’s best to get on taking up that line to set that hook and rear back on the rod.

Hook sizes start at aughts and 0 and get smaller the higher the number

Little hooks do catch big fish it happens all of the time. Deadly little lures hat will bounce off structure will get the fish to bite and a lot of fun on the water. The circle hook is designed to hook when the fish swims away from you, and it may slip right out if you try to jerk it.

Mustad has been making hooks since 1877

Hooks, you got to have them. The extra wide short shank hook is super strong for lay downs and heavy cover, the KVD Elite Triple Treble, the balance is there. The short eliminates the tangle and getting snared in the grass. The hook is penetrating without force which means a super strong hook set. The KVD Triple is designed for maximum strength and sharpness.

The Billfish Foundation endorses

The in-line circle Demon perfect hooks are perfect in saltwater. They are conservation compatible and are not tearing up the fish, in other words they don’t get hooked in the gut any more. Mustad works closely with the fishery experts to enhance fishing performance.

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