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BWG Strategy with Instamour Founders
BWG Strategy with Instamour Founders

On a brisk day in New York City inside a tall high-rise with glass windows beaming sunshine, a variety of entrepreneurs and CEOs of online dating companies, branding companies and even a mobile game company joined a roundtable discussion to talk about one of the largest untapped industries... online dating. The representatives were the top in the field: Noel Biderman -- founder of Ashley Madison, Brian Schecter -- founder of HowAboutWe, Rich Stalzer -- former president of IAC Advertising solutions, CEO and founder of Instamour, as well as some experts on IAC/Match and mobile gaming were there to discuss market trends, the future of online dating, monetization, marketing strategies, and much more.

It was an extremely informative session, with a lot of back-and-forth discussions between founders, a lot of opinionated theories, and some great facts discussed. The overall theme pertained to how a site can retain members once they have formed a relationship using their platform, and how to earn revenue from those members as well. With market penetration only at 15% of TAM, it was very clear that this market is immensely untapped. And with a lot of competition, there was solid debate on how to differentiate. Mobile was a key, and Tinder was a conversation topic, video was another, and taking things off-line quicker was another topic of interest.

Overall it was quite an experience being in the same room with various industry experts to learn where they stand on such an exciting and growing industry. Hats off to BWG Strategy for hosting such an exclusive and communicative event in the heart of New York City. BWG hosts many events on a daily basis, so check them out online to learn more about them by clicking here.

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