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Report this ad Celebrating 15 years of online dating magic

Online dating site, is celebrating its 15-year anniversary this week.

Has it really been 15 years since Internet dating became an option in our lives? How many people has online dating actually helped find each other? According to a recent study conducted by of 11,000 people over a five year period, one in six couples who married during the period met through an online dating site. 

It seems that our lives have changed. People aren’t getting married as young anymore. Women especially don’t seem to be feeling the pressure to get married before 30. People are focusing on their careers, their friends, they’re working longer hours and becoming more independent.

These lifestyle changes are changing how we meet people, which is how we even began to let online dating into our lives in the first place. Now if you don’t have time to go out to parties, social clubs, concerts, bars, church and other events where people tend to mingle and meet others, no problem. Online dating is truly turning out to be a great fall back choice. Also many people who have met too many creeps in the real world and are completely exhausted with the dating scene can try a completely new dating scene, online.'s study also showed that members of their site go on more dates than members of other online dating sites. Twice as more to be exact. Fifteen years ago,'s monthly fee was only $9.95, now at $34.99, the site enrolls approximately 20,000 new singles a day. Who knew 15 years ago that online dating would be an accepted way of finding a mate? And if $34.99 is all that's standing in the way of finding the perfect Brad to your Angelina, then I'd say that's a bargain.


  • ktd 5 years ago

    Great article thing you didn't mention though that I think is important is that is gay friendly - and not all dating sites are like that. For example, Eharmony sends men looking for men or women looking for women to a separate, "Compatible Partners" site. Who says gay people shouldn't be able to find love online too? :)

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