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Mat Staver: Dalai Lama visit, hindu prayer show "insensitivity to Christianity"

Mat staver
Mat staver
Fox News

In a March 6th, 2014 interview on VCY America's Crosstalk, Liberty Counsel chairman Mat Staver attacked President Obama for being "very pro-homosexual" and "pro-Muslim," as well as for "doing more harm to our foundational, fundamental values than any president in American history."

Staver has a very extensive history of complaining that any display of tolerance to anyone who is not a Christian is some sort of grievous offense to humanity, a reputation for which he continued to live up to by complaining that the decision to invite the Dalai Lama to give an opening prayer at the Senate, as well as the choice of Hindu USAID official Rajiv Shah to deliver an address at the National Prayer breakfast, showed the president's "insensitivity to Christianity."

"The person to speak, now, for the very first time in the National Prayer Breakfast history was not a Christian, but I believe was Hindu, and didn't mention anything about Christianity or God. This was someone who was picked by Obama, and under those circumstances, Obama would have now agreed to come. I would have said, then go ahead and be the first president. It would certainly show some of your insensitivity to Christianity that you've been showing ever since you were inaugurated."

The faith may have been different, but the sentiments were the same. But because the Dalai Lama and Rajiv Shah wear labels other than "Christian," Mat Staver once again considers himself to on the receiving end of of discrimination.

Whether Staver, or anyone else in the American Taliban, likes it or not, non-Christians in the United States do exist, and it isn't discriminatory against Christians to let one of them talk once in a while.