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Mat Staver: "A3371 is far more scandalous" than GW bridge closure

Mat Staver
Mat Staver
Fox News

"Bridgegate," the scandal originating out of a deliberate traffic jam caused by lane closures on the George Washington Bridge in New Jersey, hardly requires any introduction at this point.

A3371, on the other hand, will require one. This is the legislation signed into law by Gov. Chris Christie which prohibits the controversial practice of gay aversion therapy.

Naturally, Liberty Counsel's Mat Staver, who had compared the Supreme Court's ruling on the Defense of Marriage Act to slavery and called Obama's support for the LGBT community a violation of the First Amendment, thinks Bridgegate is small potatoes compared to A3371.

"A3371 is far more scandalous than the George Washington Bridge lane closure," said Staver. "Gov. Christie signed a bill that blocks licensed counselors from providing and young people from receiving any counsel to change unwanted same-sex attractions, behaviors, mannerisms, or identity. This law is causing immediate harm to young people and to licensed counselors.

"A3371 invades the sacrosanct relationship between counselor and client by prohibiting therapeutic conversations that assist a minor to reduce or eliminate unwanted same-sex attractions, behaviors, or identity while permitting conversations that affirm or approve them."

What Staver conveniently tries to ignore is that the ban only applies to minors. It prohibits legal guardians from submitting unwilling minors to the controversial practice but does not explicitly state that consenting adults may submit to it for themselves.

Mat Staver is once again attempting to disguise his desire to force his way of life on others as persecution of his own way of life.

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