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Masters of the Universe seeks Jeff Wadlow to re-write the script

Movie on the popular toyline finds a new writer
Movie on the popular toyline finds a new writer

While making a movie based off popular toys is in these days, it has not help the chances a He-Man movie. For years now, a new movie on the champion of Eternia has been thrown around Hollywood faster then a game of hot potato. The film has gone through many filmmakers but no one seem invested to make the film. The recent change was when G.I Joe Retaliation's Jon M.Chu turned down directing a movie on The Masters of the Universe. So it seems like He-Man and The Masters of the Universe will continue to float around in Development Hell; or will they?

In a new report from The Wrap, it seems that yet another filmmaker is interested in this project. Well writer would be more appropriate. According the report Jeff Wadlow; who is known for his work on Kick-Ass 2, will be rewriting the film's script. There has also been word that Wadlow could direct the film; but nothing has been made official. If it is not Wadlow, then Sony is considering Mike Cahill to direct the film; but again nothing has been made official.

While time will tell whether or not He-Man has a future on the big screen, it is safe to say that the powers that be are trying to make this film into a reality. So the question will The Masters of the Universe become the next big time blockbuster or should just make residence in Development Hell?