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'Masters of Sex' inspires 'Undress Me' viral video

Remember that "First Kiss" video that went crazy viral in March?

20 strangers undress each other for the first time as Masters of Sex returns to Showtime
Tatia PIlieva @YouTube

Well, the director, Tatia Pilieva, is at it again, with another viral video inspired by the premier of Masters Of Sex, the Showtime hit starting its second season on Sunday.

This time, of course, things get a bit more risky, meaning a lot sexier.

In the video, complete strangers meet for the first time on a soundstage adorned with nothing more than a bed. After some awkward chit chat, the couples (men and women, men and men and women and women) begin taking each other's clothes off with predictably fumbling, and, ultimately, sweet results.

Set against the backdrop of the appropriately 60s sounding "Before I Fall" by Latch Key Kid and featuring Sammi Freeman, the three minute video manages to capture that moment when two people realize they're totally into each other.

Usually, that's around the third date, but, given the Masters & Johnson theme of sexual exploration, the 10 couples in the video accelerate the process and, by the end, it looks like some real sparks are flying.

Especially sweet is the guy who accidentally rips open his female partner's favorite designer label trousers, which she doesn't seem to really mind at all.

In the first video, much was made of one couple who continued their love affair off camera. Of course, true love is sparked by more than just a first kiss, so it will be interesting to see if a similar thing happens, perhaps to more than just one of these lucky couples.

Masters of Sex returns to Showtime, Sunday at 10 PM, and, if this video is any indication, it looks like fans of the show are in for another bumpy ride.

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