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Mastermind of 9/11 grateful to the Obama Administration

Uss New York near ground zero
Uss New York near ground zero
AP Photo/Seth Wenig

President Obama and his attorney general Eric Holder acquiesced to the wishes of the # 2 global terrorist, Khalid Sheik Mohammad ( the Mastermind of 9/11) by agreeing to globally televise his trial in a venue that will aid in the recruitment of future members of radical Islam and garner Khalid the best chances for a mistrial or acquittal. Sensitivities run deep in this administration and Barack Hussein Obama, a fellow Muslim, is trying hard to make certain that he is seen as sympathetic to the high level Al Qaeda terrorists who have so valiantly served their cause in destruction of innocent American civilians' lives in their quest for global Jihad against non-Muslims.

In addition, the secondary gains for this venue will be the ability to continue to investigate and prosecute the actions of the Bush administration and the CIA in their overzealous attempts to keep Americans safe in the homeland after America's most severe terrorist attack that was known as 9/11. This will also bring much needed tourism to the Big Apple which is risking bankruptcy after the recent escalation of taxes and massive exodus of the rich fleeing New York for greener pastures. Likewise the Obama Administration stands to gain by diverting attention away from the abysmal failure of the American economy to thrive in the advent of his administration's $700 billion dollar bailout. After the announcement of granting civilian trials to high level terrorists, some people in Manhattan have reported feeling a slight rumble in the ground which was thought to be a result of over three thousand victims of 9/11 rolling in their graves.

Up until now, foreign enemy combatants who were captured and suspected of war crimes and plotting the destruction of America and its citizens and soldiers were tried in a military tribunal. This has the advantage of protecting military and CIA intelligence from being publicized to the world and jeopardizing classified details of investigation and military tactics. For the first time in history, we are going against policy and the future looks bleak. In an attempt to bend over backwards in catering to special interest groups in the democrat/socialist party, we have agreed to give honorary citizen rights (of a public jury trial) to our enemies.

This is a great boon to Al Qaeda who is already beefing up their terrorist attacks (last one, Fort Hood massacre), and winning in Afghanistan due to the floundering of our indecisive president. The one thing that Al Qaeda can smell is fear and weakness. They feed on these emotions and expand their recruitment efforts and attacks. This is one of the reasons for the recent rise in planned attacks being publicized in the media.

The Islamic media circus will have a field day with the public trials of the high level Al Qaeda combatants. And they will be perceived as martyrs for the cause. Unfortunately, New York will again be a high level target. A planned successful attack again in the Big Apple will have reverberations in the extremist Islamic community and enhance their growth. Currently, terrorist attacks will be on the rise for several reasons. For one, the enemy knows that we will not torture them (our president has announced this). Our enemy knows we are afraid of war.

They see that the president is very hesitant to send further troops to Afghanistan and appears indecisive. They know that the democrat/socialist party is anti-war. They see our president apologizing for America's actions globally and this is perceived as weakness. They know that the Obama Administration has and is weakening the Patriot Act which will allow them more time and opportunity to plan and execute homeland attacks. They have effectively instilled uncertainty and hesitation in reporting suspicious Muslim terror activity for fear of lawsuit and legal reprisals.

This has allowed the most recent Fort Hood attack by an extremist Islamist deep within our military despite adequately reported prior military intelligence that should have raised dire suspicion and investigation months ago. The Fort Hood massacre should not have  happened. Through the actions of CAIR and the ACLU, Americans are afraid of being subject to a successful and expensive anti-defamation lawsuit so when they perceive something suspicious, they might keep their mouths shut. Or those who they report to might fail to follow-up and investigate.

The Patriot act is being weakened. Most recently, the telephone companies have lost their immunity to expensive lawsuits for their aid in wiretapping for the CIA and FBI. Obama and the socialists are on the attack against the CIA to the chagrin of seven prior CIA heads who think that this will be a disaster for our country's safety.

For fear of lawsuits and being considered not politically correct we are risking American lives and jeopardizing our success at fighting the war on terror. Our politicians are even trying to stop us from calling it a "War on Terror". How ridiculous is that. We had long denied that there was organized Islamic extremist American hatred prior to 9/11, however denial of this today will only prolong our agony and put our citizens and soldiers at risk. Mr. Obama, tear down this wall of denial!

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  • Reality Checker 5 years ago

    You are a sick and twisted cyber-terrorist and racist who uses lies and repeated lies to further a political agenda. How does your manager let you get away with putting their website at risk for such libel? Time to get back to your Klan meeting, and leave news to the professionals.

  • Hilary 5 years ago

    Why would a military tribunal be preferable? Because the standards for what constitutes evidence are weaker than in US courts governed by the Constitution. That means it's easier to get a conviction. Well if you believe that the Guantanamo detainees are terrorists, I'm sure those beliefs are based on hard evidence. Right? Right? The only reason you'd be worried about trying these guys in a real court, not a kangaroo court, is that you're unsure of the evidence against them. If that's the case, why are you so convinced of their guilt? Reality Checker is right. YOU are a terrorist.

  • Reply to reality checker 5 years ago

    The news is that there is an increase in terror plots and attacks lately as a consequence of our complacency and trying to be politically correct. We still have first amendement rights and I am free to render my opinion. The racists in this case are the Islamic extremists. They are the ones promoting Jihad and believe all non-muslims must die. This is racism to the extreme. If you are to render an opinion, trying using some logic.

  • Reply to Hilary 5 years ago

    The reason that I believe a military tribunal would be preferable is that it wouldn't be telivised to the world and be a circus of entertainment and propaganda for the extremists as the New York case will be. I don't believe that it will be hard to get a conviction in either case as Khalid Sheik Mohammad has confessed and is proud to have successfully plotted to kill over 3000 Americans. But I guess innocent American civilian deaths and justice being served are not your priority. Wanting justice for the fallen Americans killed in 9/11 and their grieving families does not make me a terrorist, I'm just not a pacifist like you. Either way, the court's decision will prevail.

  • Harmon David Biehl 5 years ago

    I liked your article and for the non military people that have commented about the truth of who shoud try these terrorists they need to just open a history book on how terrorists were tracked down and given trials an were then hung by hte neck until dead. Another favorite was the gas chamber.
    Enemies of our country are just that. They are enemies. After showing the outrageous deeds the did against us and showing the impossible to refute testimony of their compliance and assistance to these deeds, they need to pay the penalty.