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'Masterchef:' Wedding challenge

Chef Gordon Ramsay judge on Masterchef
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

On Monday night’s episode of “Masterchef” the 17 cooks met the judges at the beach on a location ready for a wedding and then Leslie and Francis L. who last week were at the top were given the title of team captains and asked to pick their teams. Once both groups were ready the judges informed them that they would be catering the wedding that would be taking place in a couple of hours.

There would be a scallop appetizer and a sea bass entrée, both teams then were sent to get their menus ready. Francis L. from the get go took charge, designed the menu, gave directions and assignments and his team got to cooking. Leslie on the other hand took everyone’s advised and never set his foot on the ground, thus he found himself being ignored and his words lost in the wind, the team was so disorganized that eventually Francis B. took charge and they managed to complete their plates, however, with many bumps along the way. The winning team was the Blue Team, led by Francis L. and subsequently the losing team would need to face the dreaded Pressure Cook challenge. They were told that not all cooks from the losing team would be cooking, only 3 would need to battle it out, Leslie being the captain was asked which members he would chose and he made decisions based on personal reasons rather than cooking ability or lack thereof, and saved himself which everyone thought was cowardice on his part.

The judges had another surprise in store and said that "they" would decide who the bottom 3 were and they were, Leslie, Jordan, and Francis B. and they would need to prepare a steak and fries dish, with the steak being a perfect medium rare and the fries crispy. Leslie claimed to have a lifetime of experience cooking steaks, Francis B. just focused on the task, and Jordan’s inexperience was latent as he struggled to remain in the competition. The tasting ensued and chef Ramsay proclaimed Leslie’s steak was cooked perfectly, then chef Graham tasted Jordan’s and the steak was overcook and the fries somewhat soggy, and chef Bastianich sampled Francis B’s dish and his steak was also a bit overcooked but fries were fried perfectly.

And to the chagrin of the cooks in the competition Leslie was proclaimed as the winner with a steak cooked perfectly, Francis B. squeezed through because of his timing on the fries, and that meant that Jordan was sent home because both steak and fries were lacking.

“Masterchef” runs on Monday at 8 p.m. EDT on Fox.

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