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'Masterchef:' Two winners return

Chef Graham Elliot judge on Masterchef
Photo by Steve Jennings/Getty Images for Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc.

Last night on “Masterchef” the cooks were first faced with the Mystery Box challenge and this involved cooking with canned goods, each cook received a total of 52 cans and all without a sticker so in order to know what was in the can, it would need to be opened. It was a challenge indeed for all to create a quality dish using such unrefined ingredients, even the judges attest to that.

Then after doing the rounds while the cooks prepared their dishes, the judges decided on the final three and they were Elizabeth, Victoria, and Ahran. But the top dish went to Elizabeth and she received a huge advantage for the elimination challenge, and this consisted of not having to cook and choosing who would replicate a dish from last year’s winner Luca, who prepared a veal wrapped in bacon entrée and first time “Junior Masterchef” winner Alexander whose dish was a panna cotta dessert. She chose based on who had a least refined pallet for the entrée and who had the least experience in baking for the dessert.

Cutter who had never before prepared such a dish wound up preparing the best of the desserts, and Courtney replicated Lucca’s dish to perfection such that she was the winner and would receive an advantage in next week’s competition. Jaimee who had to prepare the dessert presented a collapsed dish and claimed she was missing one of her panna cottas she had placed in the chiller. Tyler then came forward and was surprised, -apparently-, when chef Ramsay informed him that he had picked the wrong dish from the chiller and rather than his own, he grabbed Jaimee’s. But that was unlikely, because clearly he placed his tray at the bottom of the chiller, and once he went back to get it he chose one from a tray placed at the top; the cooks cried because of the error, and based on the judges unintentional, Tyler apologized, but for viewers it does not appear as a mistake.

Tyler was sent home because the rules of “Masterchef” state that the dish presented by each cook must be prepared in its entirety by him or her. Next week’s challenge consists of the cooks cooking in pairs and based on previous seasons viewers know that such collaborations can become a disaster, it will be interesting to see how it all turns out.

“Masterchef” runs on Monday at 8 p.m. EDT on Fox.

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