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'Masterchef:' The humble egg becomes home cook's undoing

Judges on Masterchef, from left to right, Chef Graham Eliiot, Chef Joe Bastianich, and Chef Gordon Ramsay
Judges on Masterchef, from left to right, Chef Graham Eliiot, Chef Joe Bastianich, and Chef Gordon Ramsay
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Last night on “Masterchef” the top eight home cooks were given the challenge of cooking chicken. But first of all, they would work in pairs and at random they received boxes containing the part of the chicken they would be cooking with; however, they would not know which part of the chicken until they returned from the pantry and gathering what they needed to prepare their dish.

The teams were Willy & Cutter and they received the breast; Daniel and Jaimee with the wings; Elizabeth and Leslie with the oysters –the most tender part of the chicken-; and Courtney & Christian with the legs and thighs. Incidentally, they all got to decide whom they would like to with, and Leslie acknowledging Elizabeth’s outstanding ability in the kitchen, offered himself to her and assured her she would have total control over what and how they would cook it, so obviously she chose him. And it was a great move, because after the tasting was done, they received much praise and were the winners of the challenge, Courtney & Christian were second, and so that meant that the two bottom teams would face the dreaded Pressure Cook test where at least one cook would be eliminated.

The Pressure Cook test involved the egg, and there would be three rounds in which the egg would be prepared differently, after each round one cook would be safe and at the end of the third and final dish at least one cook would be sent home. First up a poached egg and Willy took first place, second, egg yoke ravioli, where the yoke must remain runny while the ravioli must be cooked properly and Cutter surprised everyone by winning the round, and the third and final round involved a cheese soufflé, Jaimee and Daniel brought out their final products and they looked alike and apparently well prepared, but after tasting the judges decided that saltiness was the undoing for Daniel, and he was eliminated from the competition.

The finale is close and they all have prepared amazing dishes throughout the competition, and to predict a winner at this time would be irresponsible because the race is tight. However, there are two cooks that linger close to the edge of the precipice and those are Cutter and Willy, then again Cutter has improved much through various pressure cook challenges, so he might be a surprise; but regardless of who wins this season, it is a fact that this season has been extremely competitive and the cooks remaining have done an awesome job, of course it would be great to taste their food. Recaps and episodes can be watched online at

“Masterchef” runs on Monday at 8 p.m. EDT on Fox.