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'Masterchef:' Spring rolls become front-runner's undoing

Chef Joe Bastianich judge on Masterchef
Photo by Stefania D'Alessandro/Getty Images

Last night on the latest installment of “Masterchef” the chefs were informed that the challenge of the day would involve cooking in teams. Courtney who was the winner of last week’s challenge by preparing the best dish was saved from cooking and told to go up to the balcony and from there, she would build the seven teams of two.

And she proceeded to strategically pair the cooks, Christian and Francis B.; Jaimee and Elizabeth; Victoria and Christine: Cutter and Dan; Willie and Daniel; Ahran and Leslie, these two apparently have an immense dislike towards one another, and Elise and Francis L. made up the seventh team. The teams were to create an original version of surf & turf, and from the get go Cutter and Dan had trouble by running out of time in the pantry and not having any vegetables to add to the dish. And Ironically, Ahran and Leslie appeared in sync and worked harmoniously, no bickering, criticizing, or arguing.

Then it was judgment time, and first up were Ahran and Leslie who produced a dish that wowed the judges and received much praise, and wound up being one of the top dishes, Ahran even claimed she would not mind working with Leslie again, then Cutter and Dan, their dish was bland looked terrible and chef Joe Bastianich just brought the trash can over and asked Cutter to dump the dish, Elsie and Francis L. were next and their dish did not look appetizing on the screen and based on the judges, it did not taste good either, Jaimee and Elizabeth received praise for their dish, Willie and Daniel were also given kudos, Victoria and Christine with their pork belly and monkfish version of surf & turf were the ultimate winners, and Francis B. and Christian were at the bottom for a dish that had nothing to do with what the judges asked for and looked simple.

The Pressure Test ensued and those cooking for their lives were Cutter, Dan, Christian, and Francis B. They were to cook six crispy and tasteful spring rolls with an original and flavorful dipping sauce. Dan was expected to kick it out of the park, but his dipping sauce was what saved him, Christian who had never cooked spring rolls wound up preparing the best of all four, Cutter and Francis B. were at the bottom and eventually it was Francis B. who despite being a front-runner in the competition has suffered a steady decline and last night was his last in the "Mastechef" kitchen. Recaps and information on this show can be watched online at

“Masterchef” runs on Monday at 8 p.m. EDT on Fox.

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