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MasterChef Season 5 Episode 5 recap: Weddings, fighting, and steaks

MasterChef Recap
Photo by Ethan Miller

The newest episode of "MasterChef" (airing June 23, 2014) starts with the remaining cooks arriving at a scenic beach. They are met their by Joe, Gordon and Graham who inform them that today they will be cooking for a wedding. The bride and groom are real foodies and they want upscale seafood. Both teams will cook a scallop appetizer and a sea bass entrée.

Having performed the best in the last challenge, Leslie and Francis L. are selected as team captains. Leslie goes first as they pick teams. Francis picks a team that he think will work well together and have fun while Leslie goes with cooks he thinks are the best. Francis L. predicts harmony for his team and chaos for Leslie’.

As things get started Francis L. (blue team) has his team off to a strong start. He tells them what he wants the menu to be, assigns tasks, and puts everyone to work. Leslie (red team) wants to include everyone and all it does is cause trouble. When Gordon talks to both teams Leslie can’t even remember what is on his menu. It is looking like Francis L. might be a little prophetic.

As the wedding gets underway, the blue team is humming along nicely while the red team is in disarray. Daniel makes a bold move. He causes a mutiny and puts Francis B. in charge. Leslie rolls with it and says he doesn’t care so long as they win. Francis B. makes some menu changes and gets things rolling.

Both teams have a few hiccups during the appetizer service, but they get them out and the results among the guests seem to be even. As the entrée service beings, Gordon realizes that the red team never replaced the item Francis B. cut from the menu. He is not happy and sends them scrambling to add something to the menu at the last second.

As the dust settles, the reviews from the guests seem pretty even as both sea bass dishes get positive remarks. After some deliberation, and the toss of a bouquet, the blue team is announced as the winners. The red team must clean up the mess and go into the pressure test. As they clean various members of the team blame Leslie for their failure. He fights back and some pretty intense bickering breaks out.

Back at the "MasterChef" kitchen, Gordon announces that only three of the members of the red team will have to go into the pressure tests. He asks Leslie who he wants to put into the pressure test. Leslie selects Christian, Ahran, and Daniel, the three he had the most trouble with during the challenge. Gordon then tells him that he doesn’t get to pick, and that each of the judges will be picking a person to cook in the pressure test. Gordon selects Leslie. Graham picks Jordan and Joe picks Francis B.

The three cooks are tasked with making a perfect, medium rare steak and a side of crispy fries. As they cook, the hatred for Leslie surfaces again when several people in the balcony start giving Francis B. tips on how to make a compound butter. Francis L. slyly suggests to them that they don’t help their competition.

Leslie is the first to have his steak inspected. Gordon loves the steak, but is not impressed with the fries. Next up Graham samples Jordan’s steak. He points out that it is actually a little over cooked and he didn’t sear off the fat. His fries are also a little underwhelming. Joe tastes Francis’s steak. It too is a little overcooked and his fries have some large, soggy clumps. The three judges then announce that Leslie cooked the best steak and is safe. In the end it comes down to taste and Francis has a the better tasting steak so he is safe and Jordan is sent home.

This episode of "MasterChef" comes to an end with Gordon complimenting Jordan by telling him that at 19-years-old he is very talented and has his entire life ahead of him. He implores him to immediately get into the business and put his talent to work because he has a very bright future.

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