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'Masterchef:' Raw proteins all around

Chef Gordon Ramsay judge on Masterchef
Photo by Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images for Patron

On Monday night’s episode of “Masterchef” the cooks were divided into 2 teams and asked to come up with a protein along with a side dish, and a sauce that would be served to 500 military men and women at a training base in California.

The Red Team quickly chose pork chops with an apple cranberry sauce, and macaroni and cheese. They appeared in sync, however, once the service began they realized that some of the pork chops were still raw and the macaroni and cheese did not quite look right. The Blue Team chose chicken, which Lesley argued against to no avail, due to difficulty of cooking it on time with a bone in and a time constraint. Nevertheless, Stephani took it upon herself to decide when it was done and upon chef Ramsay inspecting it, announced that it was raw, and they could kill these soldiers.

The troops would receive 2 plates each and decide which was the best, upon the conclusion of the challenge the Red Team came out victorious, and that meant that the Blue Team would face the dreaded Pressure Test, and this meant cooking a Blueberry Pie. Daniel, who was chosen as the team captain, got to decide which 3 cooks, he would save from cooking and he chose Christian, Gordon, and Daniel. The cooking ensued and some were at ease and composed, others flustered and on the verge of disaster. Daniel just managed to get his pie in the oven, and once it was time for judgment, chef Ramsay was surprised to say that Daniel’s pie although not the best, it definitely was not the worse either.

The top 3 were Courtney, Leslie, and Jaimee and at the bottom were Daniel, Jordan, Elise, -at the bottom once again due to a pie, which is suppose to be her forte-, and Stephani. The first two were saved because the other 2 pies were worse and at the end Stephani was sent home because her pie was overly sweet and the final product not up to par with what is expected when it comes to a blueberry pie.

“Masterchef” runs on Monday at 8 p.m. EDT on Fox.

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