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'Masterchef:' One chef succeeds despite sabotage

Judge on Masterchef, chef Joe Bastianich
Photo by Ben Gabbe/Getty Images

Last night on “Masterchef” the cooks were presented with a huge box that contained Alaskan Salmon for each of them to fillet and prepare a dish that would earn them not only the win, but also an advantage for the elimination challenge. It was mind-boggling, because chef Ramsay went ahead and fillet one right before their eyes and instead of the cooks watching him and learning, instead they chose to go ahead and do their own thing, some succeeded, others slid right by, and a few just slaughtered the $450 dollar delicacy.

The cooking ensued and upon tasting three received praise those were Christian, Courtney, and Elizabeth. But ultimately Christian got the win and with that a great advantage for the elimination challenge. First, he would not have to cook, and second he got to choose from three baskets that each one of the judges picked with ingredients they enjoy cooking with. Christian opted for Joe’s basket that contained an amalgam of wine, balsamic vinegar, and other sophisticated items that he uses to prepare Italian dishes at home. The cooks would have 60 minutes to prepare their dishes, but Christian was given another advantage and that was to choose one cook who would only have 30 minutes to cook, and of course he picked Courtney whom he thought he could trip up and maybe even wind up eliminating.

Courtney stood watching the others cook for the first 30 minutes and as a side not, Elise all of a sudden went pale and the medics had to be called and she left apparently ill, however, managed to return 20 minutes later as though nothing had happened, but her cooking was suffering already so the additional 20 minutes lost did not make much difference anyway to a flawed and not very appetizing dish. Then Courtney was informed she could start cooking and she began without rushing, sure of herself and wound up turning one of the best dishes of the night; when someone is excellent at something nothing can ever trip them up, or make them lose their composure.

The bottom two dishes belonged to Cutter, again, and Elise who cried as though such could make up for a poorly cooked dish and according to judges flavorless. Cutter on the other hand continues being defiant and speaking as though he knows better than the judges, and he is just there to be picked on, but at the end he survived another night because Elise was sent home. Recaps and information on this show can be watched online at

“Masterchef” runs on Monday at 8 p.m. EDT on Fox.

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