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'Masterchef:' New season begins

Chef Graham Elliot judge on Masterchef
Photo by Ben Gabbe/Getty Images

A new season of the fabulous cooking show “Masterchef” began on Monday night. This season started with a new format and unlike the last three, the top 30 home cooks from throughout the USA battle it out to earn the coveted white apron.

The cooks were met at the Masterchef Kitchen by the three culinary legends that decide who is the next “Masterchef”; Gordon Ramsay, Graham Elliot, and Joe Bastianich, and given the challenge of cooking the best dish they could, depicting who each cook is as an individual. There were the usual words of self-praise and the clichés of why they should be the new Masterchef and how others are not as deserving…But there was a surprise and that was that as they cook they could be eliminated, depending on how well they handled themselves in the kitchen, and how dexterous they were handling the various ingredients.

They had an hour to prepare their dish and once 25 minutes were left the first casualty occurred and one cook was sent home, because after much talk he had done about being a great cook, he forgot one of the most key elements in cooking; salt. The remaining cooks continued hoping to remain and at least get to present their dish and with 5 minutes left in the challenge another cook was sent home.

Then it was time for tasting and critique, some received high marks, others not so much, and so the time came for white aprons to be handed and 19 of the remaining cooks received the coveted kitchen accessory, the remaining 9 chefs were told that they had 1 more chance to prove themselves and they got common household ingredients found in just about every kitchen throughout the country and told to prepare a dish that would showcase their talent and secure a place in the Masterchef Kitchen. Out of the 9 cooks given a second chance 3 got a white apron and so the playing field was complete. This promises to be the best season yet of “Masterchef” with 22 cooks competing for the $250,000, their own cookbook, and the title of Masterchef.

“Masterchef” runs on Monday at 8 p.m. EDT on Fox.

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