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MasterChef judge Graham Elliot is 150-lbs lighter and looking like a new man

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MasterChef, judge Graham Elliot lost an impressive 150-pounds and his weight loss pictures on Instagram blatantly convey the difference it makes. Elliot does not look like the same man and it sounds as if he’s feeling that way too after his weight loss, according to the Huffington Post on March 9.

It was back in July of 2013 when Eliot underwent weight loss surgery. You have to admit that dropping 150-pounds is miraculous in this short amount of time. Along with sharing his new pictures of progress, he thanked all his supporters.

He is currently at 255-pounds, Elliot said in his Instagram message. The weight loss surgery that the 37-year-old opted for is called a sleeve gastrectomy. This was done at the University of Chicago Medical Center.

He had reached 400-pounds and apparently that was enough for him and he made his mind up to lose the weight. Today he is 150-pounds lighter the man is looking terrific. Elliot has also changed his way of eating, he says in the past it was candy and cookies he would reach for when stressed.

Today Elliot says that he knows his stomach is the size of a banana, so what he eats has to give him energy, and that’s it. Well whatever it is he is doing when he gets hungry, the outcome is nothing less than great. He doesn’t look like a man that needs to lose too much more weight.