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'Masterchef:' Challenges were all about love

Judge on Masterchef, chef Gordon Ramsay
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Last night on “Masterchef” the 12 remaining cooks were informed that they would be divided in two teams of six and prepare an entrée and dessert suitable for couples in love with each celebrating anniversaries and as a surprise none other than Tana Ramsay, yes indeed –chef Ramsay’s wife- was among the guests dinning along her husband.

The top two cooks from last week were Ahran and Elizabeth and consequently got to pick their teams. Ahran was in charge of the Red Team with Willi, Leslie, Cutter, Christine, and Christian, and Elizabeth in charge of the Blue Team comprised of Courtney, Francis, Daniel, Jaimee and Victoria. Both teams tried their best and it seemed as though it would a close result, but contrary it was a landslide win for the Blue Team, who received over 75 percent of the votes.

That meant that the Red Team would have to face the dreaded Pressure Test, and last night there was no one safe, all six cooks would have to prepare a box of nine truffle chocolates in three different flavors. The cooks explained their game plan, and all including Cutter was sure that if he did not kick it out of the park this time, he would definitely be going home.

Then it was time for judgment time, and to the surprise of all Cutter had the most beautiful and tasteful chocolates of all, and keeping in mind that he had never prepared any such delicacy, he was praised and told he was without question at the top and was told to share his chocolates with the winning team so that they could taste excellence. Ahran, Willi, and Christian were not good, but Christine and Leslie’s were worse. And at the end of the night it was Christine who was sent home and a surprise because she has been at the top since the show began, but with those chocolates she failed miserably. Recaps and episodes can be watched online at

“Masterchef” runs on Monday at 8 p.m. EDT on Fox.

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