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‘MasterChef’ beach wedding: Season 5, episode 5 recap

Gordon Ramsay
Gordon Ramsay
Photo by Anthony Harvey/Getty Images

The contestants on the fifth episode of “MasterChef” faced a new challenge that involved a beach wedding. On Monday, the official Facebook page for the show on Fox posted a photo of the chefs dressed in white as they worked around a table. Gordon Ramsay, Graham Elliot and Joe Bastianich created a stressful challenge for the chefs by only giving them two hours to get ready for the wedding.

“MasterChef” contestants knew they had to make the bride and groom happy in addition to pleasing the judges in this challenge. If the bride and groom rejected their seafood menu options, then the judges would not have been able to interfere. The chefs had to feed 120 people at the wedding, so they immediately split into teams and began to work on the seafood menus.

Both the Red Team and Blue Team had problems during the competition, but the Blue Team was declared the winner by the bride and groom. Leslie, who was the captain of the Red Team, was blamed for the loss by the other contestants. She had issues taking control of the challenge, and her team noticed the leadership was lacking. In addition, they managed to not make enough portions for the wedding.

The judges surprised fans and the contestants by deciding who should be in the top three to be eliminated, and they selected Francis B, Leslie and Jordan. The three chefs were forced to compete in a new challenge involving steak and fries. On Monday, the official Twitter account of the show reminded fans that the fries were an important part of the meal, so they should not have been ignored. Leslie’s fries were criticized by the judges for being too soft. However, Jordan was eliminated in the fifth episode of “MasterChef,” and Leslie managed to hang on by having a good steak.