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'Masterchef:' A new record in surviving pressure cooker challenges

Judges on Masterchef, from left to right, Chef Gordon Ramsay, Chef Graham Elliot, and Chef Joe Bastianich
Judges on Masterchef, from left to right, Chef Gordon Ramsay, Chef Graham Elliot, and Chef Joe Bastianich
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Last night on “Masterchef” the remaining 10 home cooks were divided in two teams and based on last week’s best dishes the captains were Courtney for the Blue Team and Jaimee for the Red Team. And their challenge was to cook a cheeseburger and fish tacos during a football game for the players and the fans.

The Blue Team members were along with Courtney, Leslie, Ahran, Victoria, and Christian, while the Red Team under Jaimee’s command consisted of Cutter, Elizabeth, Willy, and Daniel. The Blue Team from the get go was organized with everyone performing up to par, but the Red Team seemed disorganized and confused with Jaimee trying to be heard but no one heeding her instructions and during service Elizabeth had to take charge in expediting. They finished under a downpour, -an unlikely weather event in Southern California-, and once the votes were tallied as to which team received the majority of votes, chef Ramsay announced that it was the closest result ever in a “Masterchef” team challenge; the Red Team won by receiving 51 percent while the Blue Team received 49 percent.

That meant that the Blue Team would need to face the dreaded Pressure Cook challenge where at least one home cook would go home. Chef Ramsay announced that not all cooks would have to cook and since Courtney was the team captain she could decide who was safe, and she saved herself since her leadership had them working well and brought them so close to victory, and also Christian was saved, but then there was another surprise and that was that two of the three cooks facing the Pressure Cook challenge would be eliminated. This was Leslie’s fifth time facing an elimination challenge and he shines every time more than ever before, Victoria was nervous since this was her first, and Ahran was also concerned about two out of three going home. The challenge was to cook prawns three different ways, as ceviche, which is Chef Graham’s favorite, tempura style Chef Bastianich choice, and stuffed, as Chef Ramsay likes them.

They all tackled the challenge as best they could, Leslie seemed the most comfortable, Ahran concerned since she had never prepared ceviche before, and Victoria seem challenged by the stuffed prawns. Then it was judgment time, and Leslie received praise for all except the stuffed prawns, which lacked in seasoning, Ahran’s ceviche was lacking, and Victoria was commended on the tempura. And then the first to be eliminated was Victoria, and Ahran and Leslie who were at odds with each at the beginning of the competition, however, as of late had become close, stood next to each other and Ahran was the second cook to be sent home. Recaps and episodes can be watched online at

“Masterchef” runs on Monday at 8 p.m. EDT on Fox.