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Master's degrees that employers love the most

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Many graduates are opting to fortify their resume with a master’s degree instead of trying their luck at the job market. The aim is to make their educational credentials stronger, so that they stand a better chance of landing the best jobs available. With the diverse options available in pursuing Masters' degrees, students are often confused which one to choose for bettering their career prospects. There are some degrees that employers love to see on a resume. Knowing which ones can sway the selection process in your favor can be indeed helpful in making the right choice.

Masters in IT and Related Fields

Technology is an industry that has been growing at a very healthy rate for quite some time now. Research shows that projected employment for the industry is likely to increase by a very healthy 27 percent. The opportunities for employment in computer science include database administrator, software architect, consultancy, and more. By mid-career, this degree would earn graduates quite a handsome package. Many eminent experts in the industry foresee a bright future in the field for students who have a Master’s in IT related subjects.

Job opportunities in the IT field are expected to grow faster in the coming years. There is a rising demand for highly skilled IT students. When combined with the comparatively low supply, the salary for this specialization can be highly attractive for top class achievers.

Business Administration

MBA is job-oriented degree and this fact requires no verification, as there are literally thousands of instances of graduates with an MBA degree successfully achieving their career dreams. They manage to get into some of the most premier organizations across the globe. An MBA degree helps students to acquire skills that would help them succeed in most fields, such as business, finance, and accounting. MBA can be even completed online or at part-time institutes at affordable fees. According to some experts, the average salary for a management position is $100,000 plus.

Personal Assistants

Masters in PA is another degree that has tremendous potential for earnings as well as career growth. Personal Assistant Masters degree takes much less time and money than a medical degree, but can earn students a hefty six-figure income. They can work under experienced physicians and acquire more knowledge on the job. An aging population ensures that medical workers will be in demand for decades to come. In addition, these are jobs that must be filled by locals as there is little scope for outsourcing. There is tremendous growth expected in job opportunities for personal assistants, which means better paychecks in the coming years. The satisfaction that comes from serving the medical needs of patients is simply unmatched in any other career.


A Master’s degree in Economics is another one of those hotly pursued qualifications because every organization and country needs experts in economics to manage their finances better. The degree can place you into a research career in an academic institution or help you play a commanding role in a think-tank setup. There are highly lucrative jobs in the public and private sector. You can work in various fields, including business, management, finance, accounting, and marketing.