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Master Class of Beauty featuring Merrell Hollis of Black Opal Cosmetics

Viola Nicholson Presents Merrell Hollis-Master Class of Beauty
Viola Nicholson Presents Merrell Hollis-Master Class of Beauty
Photo courtesy provided by Viola Nicholson & Black Opal Cosmetics 2014

Chicago Event of the Week To makeup artists, stylists, and the sure to mark your calendars there still is time!!! We are counting down with Merrell Hollis in Chicago!! Get Your Tickets!! #masterclassofbeauty

Viola Nicholson presents...The Spring Event of the season, featuring Celebrity Artist & Artistic Director for Black Opal Cosmetics-Merrell Hollis in the Master Class of Beauty, Sponsored by Black Opal Cosmetics.

When: May 3, 2014- 2-4p.m.

Where: Fleetwood Chicago

Cost: $90

First 50 attendees receive free beauty bags and an autograph by Merrell Hollis

You will not want to miss this event.

About Black Opal Cosmetics In 1994, three creative forces combined their passion for beauty and their joint knowledge of issues specific to skin of color to develop the groundbreaking brand known as Black Opal.

The Muse, a professional woman of Jamaican descent, who embodied the Black Opal consumer, provided the inspiration, the Chemist, possessed unparalleled expertise as a product formulator and the Doctor, a Board-Certified Dermatologist, offered exceptional knowledge and expertise. Together, they developed a comprehensive and affordable collection of targeted skincare products that would combine state-of-the-art technological advances with proven ingredients to service the unique skincare needs of skin of color for men and women.

Recognizing the importance of building from that strong heritage, Black Opal later introduced a line of makeup specially designed to address the beauty concerns of women of color. With an impressive range of formulas and a stunning collection of shades our makeup complements and enhances a woman’s natural beauty.

Today, giving you the tools you need to achieve healthy, radiant skin is at the core of our business. Black Opal is your beauty authority and we want to help you discover the beauty within.

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