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'Master Chief Collection' coming to Xbox One this November

Microsoft held their E3 press conference earlier today, and it was no surprise that Halo 5: Guardians made an appearance. Fans of the iconic FPS franchise were treated to more than just a CGI trailer, though. 343 Studios' Bonnie Ross took the stage shortly after the new footage was released, to announce that the first four installments in the Halo franchise will be getting repackaged in a special Master Chief Collection that will be hitting the Xbox One this November.

Your journey as Master Chief begins here.
Photo courtesy of 343 Studios, used with permission

The collection will feature all four Halo titles, and every single multiplayer map from the series' past, rounding out the number to over 100 combat stages. As it's running on the latest console, it shouldn't be too much of a surprise that these older titles will be running at 60fps, and are rendered at 1080p. Each title in the collection will come with everything unlocked from the start, and Mission Set-lists will act as playlists for some of the franchise's best moments, whether it be epic battles or levels that include a Warthog.

This year also marks the 10 year anniversary of Halo 2's release, which the collection will be celebrating with a touched-up version of the classic title. Purists will be happy to know that they can switch between the classic and retouched versions “with the touch of a button.” Halo 2's multiplayer will also remain exactly as it originally shipped, though two maps have been recreated to utilize the power of the Xbox One.

Fans who are more interested in Halo's future will be interested in the Halo 5 beta that will be included in the collection. A short, live-action digital series, called Halo: Nightfall, will also be included, which will serve to connect the first four games to 2015's Halo 5: Guardians. It should be noted that this is separate from the TV series being produced by Steven Spielberg. The Master Chief Collection will be launching exclusively for the Xbox One on November 11th for $59.99.

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