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Massurrealism: What It Is and How It Influences Our Lives


Mass media plays an important role on everyone’s life, after having considerably developed over the past decades. Combined with the technological growth and refinement witnessed during the same period of time, it has led to the appearance and to the development of a new art form known as digital art. In this modern era, surrealism and mass media have been combined together, and formed what James Seehafer, an American artist, called “Massurrealism” back in 1992.

“Three Essays About Massurrealism” is a compilation of three essays – as the title suggests, too - written by James Seehafer, Michael Morris, and Philip Kocsis. Each of these three authors tried to explain where massurrealism came from, what factors contributed to its development, while explaining how it affects our daily existence.

In his essay, James Seehafer said that massurealism is driven by the mass media. However, this doesn’t limit it to this field only. It is, in fact, a crossing between multiple tools: on one hand, there are the traditional ones – classic photography, acrylic, classic collage, etc. –, and on the other hand, the new innovative ones – everything that is digital: photography, media, software, techniques, etc. Michael Morris considers that massurrealism is concerned not only with the interior dimension of our existence (feelings, emotions), but also with the exterior reality. In order to better illustrate this opinion, M. Morris provided as example artists like David Hockney, Jennifer Bartlett, and Ron Kitaj.

Lastly but not least, Philip Kocsis draws our attention to how massurrealism has changed advertising and how this influences us as buyers and consumers. P. Kocsis said that advertisers have learned to efficiently manipulate our perception about their products - what the author calls “perceived reality” – so that we may buy those goods.

“Three Essays About Massurrealism” is a must-read book which brings up several thought-provoking opinions and claims. Find it on Amazon.

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