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Massive winter storm hits east coast: N.C. drivers move 12-80 feet per hour

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The massive east coast winter storm has hit Alabama, Georgia and the Carolinas with many heeding the warnings and sheltering in place. According to Fox News live on Wednesday evening Feb. 12, even with the warnings some drivers tempted fate and they are on the road. Drivers on a North Carolina highway were traveling at the distance of only 12 to 80 feet an hour, which is the result of not heeding the warnings today.

Cities in the Southeast are at a standstill with ice and snow on roads traveling is almost impossible. Hundreds of thousands are without power and thousands of flights were canceled stranding travelers in airports. The storm is expected to dump snow in the double digits up and down the eastern seaboard, according to CNN News on Feb. 12.

New England is hunkering in and getting ready for the storm to dump some of this winter's worst weather on their doorsteps. New Englanders know just what to do when a storm warning is posted.

About 24 hours before New England gets hit with the storm, the dance begins of getting cars gassed up, food in the house, generators at the ready and plenty of firewood near the house for the duration of the storm. Batteries, candles and flashlights are pulled off the shelves and out of the drawers at the ready.

Those who have well water with pumps depending on electricity stock up on bottled water. Cars get parked in strange places, anywhere a tree limb isn't hanging overhead. Those who would like a hot cooked meal if the power goes off, make sure the backyard grill has plenty of propane. They cook outside because inside cooking can be deadly on one of these grills.

The night before the snow is due to arrive, most of New England has already canceled school for Thursday. Many businesses have also announced they are closed for the big storm due to roll in on Thursday.

The folks in Atlanta seemed to really heed the warnings of this storm in comparison to the one last week where kids couldn't get home from school and some were stuck sleeping at their school or on the school bus. They are just like the New Englanders today, ready!

Cabin fever will set in if you are stuck without the amenities for any length of time, so cards and board games really come in handy. Forget about the online world, without power you are stuck back in the days when a phone call or written letter was the only way to communicate without being there in person. Make the best of the family time while you are all stuck under one roof.



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